Various Essential Oils and Their Health Benefits

Essential oils are basically natural oils that are concentrated and are extracted from a wide range of natural substances, and these are believed to have positive health benefits. The term ‘essential’ means that it is derived from the essences of a particular natural substance or substances, and with that in mind, here is a list of favoured essential oils and the health benefits that come from regular use.

  1. Essence of Lavender – Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular of the 90 or so essential oils that are produced today. Used primarily in aromatherapy (a form of traditional medicine that involves using scented essential oils), lavender is a great stress reliever and can be added to your bathwater, massaged into the skin, or used in scented candles.
  2. Sandalwood – Oil made from concentrated sandalwood is believed to have calming qualities and can help a person to remain focused for long periods of time. If you would like to view a wide range of natural, 100% essential oils, search online for a leading supplier, as they would have a complete selection of essential oils, plus some unique blends that combine several essential oils.
  3. Rose & Chamomile – Both are said to possess properties that improve one’s mood and a little added to your bath water after a hard day at work will help to soothe and relax you. The fragrant aroma relaxes the mind and body, which creates endorphins that promote contentment and well-being, and for many people, these essential oils help them get through the stresses of modern society.
  4. Jasmine – This exotic eastern flower has a unique aroma that is associated with relieving anxiety and stress, which is widely used in aromatherapy treatments. It is safe to say that jasmine is one of the most popular of all essential oils and is a main ingredient in many blends of essential oils. Check with the online aromatherapy supplier, who would have jasmine and many other essential oils, all at very affordable prices, plus you can also buy scented candles that contain jasmine.
  5. Tea Tree – Essential oil made from tea tree is believed to help fight infections and boost the immune system, plus people say it helps with skin conditions. Tea tree oil is also good for the hair and you can buy essential oil of tea tree from a supplier of aromatherapy oils, who can be found with an online search.

Aromatherapy has become very popular, as more and more people enjoy the many health benefits, and if you would like to try essential oils, either as blends or specific oils, all you have to do is search online for an established supplier. Essential oils can really aid rest and relaxation by helping to create the right ambience for a soothing and calming experience after a hard day at work.

The best way forward with essential oils is to experiment, as we are all unique and respond in our own ways, and buying a small selection of essential oils is the first step to discovering which work for you.

Image by Marina Pershina from Pixabay 

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