Ways to Look and Feel Good

When you look good and feel good, you’re happy. You’re confident, productive, and healthier. You could have seemingly endless amounts of energy and focus. If you’re feeling down about your appearance and don’t feel like you used to, there are ways to turn your life around. Below are a few tips to achieve your goals.

The Foods You Eat

Don’t be envious of a family member or friend who is slender. Take notice and use it to inspire better habits. Gorging on fatty foods and sweet treats isn’t going to produce an awesome body. However, eating good foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, fish, whole grains and yogurt will help you lose the extra weight. 

Refrain from salt, sugar and processed foods, as they add a ton of unwanted calories. It’s also important to become more of a plain Jane regarding food and eliminate the condiments as much as possible. 

Hair Care

You take time selecting the right makeup products that match your skin type and personal taste. When it comes to your hair, you look for the one on sale. Hair treatment products are just as important. Use the wrong one and your hair will lack luster, sheen and shine, and look unruly. If you have baby fine hair look for a reputable brand that strengthens, fills and lifts. If your hair is curly, find a hair treatment that maintains the look of healthy, bouncy curls.  


Your body needs a workout to maintain strength, stamina and health. Join a fitness center and mix things up. Go three times each week and do something different each session. Use the stationary bikes, abdominal crunchers and aerobic steppers one day, and attend Zumba and a high-impact workout the other two. 

If a gym membership doesn’t sound appealing, no problem. You can do a workout at home. Today you can purchase your own equipment and have a personal trainer instruct you live on screen. In-between workouts, keep your body in motion. Put spring in your step and walk faster for longer. Park the car away from the store entrance when running errands. 

Rewards of Water

When your thirsty nothing quenches your thirst like a tall glass of cold water. It’s refreshing and has zero calories. Water is something your body needs. It can prevent you from wavering on your diet mid-morning and mid-day by temporarily suppressing hunger. It also keeps the internal organs functioning properly, aids digestion and helps maintain moisture in the mouth. During the hot summer months, it keeps you cool and hydrated. For the skin, it helps maintain elasticity, preventing crepey skin and reducing the presence of fine lines.  

Beauty Rest

Many people simply don’t get enough sleep. They go to bed late and rise early. Burning the candle at both ends isn’t going to end well. You won’t feel good because your body doesn’t have time to heal overnight. You won’t retain valuable information learned only a day prior and your focus is not there. Sleep is essential to looking and feeling good. A well-rested person wakes refreshed, energetic and happy. Thankfully, there are ways to improve your current sleep patterns. Avoid caffeine a few hours prior to retiring and turn off electronics. Create a routine that promotes sleep such as dimming the lights and a hot relaxing bath. 

Negative Impact of Stress

Stress can make you feel sick to your stomach. It can cause premature aging and weight gain. While you can’t completely eliminate stress, you can reduce it. If your job is the culprit, talk to your boss or look for a new one. If it’s a bad relationship, seek counseling or end it. If you stress through self-infliction such as poor time management, correct it. 

If you’re not feeling or looking as good as you want, you can make positive changes to improve your current status. 

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

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