What Colour is Most Used in Houses?

Are you thinking of sprucing up the aesthetics of your house a bit? A new paint coat or a fully new colour will do it for you. But how do you decide the best colour that will accentuate the appeal? 

Most people play it safe when it comes to the choice of colour for their house. They gravitate towards light colours. Since time immemorial white has been the most popular colour. White looks neat and clean and you can personalise it with vivid borders of your choice. White and blue go very well together, white is popular because of its simplicity and blue is a versatile colour. White homes with blue trims are a popular choice and are preferred by many home buyers.

If you are finding the whole process of colour selection overwhelming then you can hire a painter Brisbane who will advise you on the most suitable colour choices.

Most suitable colours if you want to sell your home

If you plan to sell your home then you can use painting as a quick upgrade to enhance the value of your home. Any buyer will be more inclined to buy a house that looks neat, clean and is newly pained. Here are some tips on popular colours that will help you sell your house:

  • A survey in the real estate space had shown that most home buyers prefer buying a home that has white exteriors. Therefore, white is a safe choice if you are repainting your home for putting it up for sale. To add a personalised touch you can add colours to the roof and trims.
  • After white, beige is the second most popular colour. However, for Victorian style homes experts advise against using beige as the features get subdued.
  • Gray is also a popular colour and urban homes use a lot of gray for painting the interiors as it enhances the stylish and sleek features.

If you have hired a painter Brisbane you can discuss the various possibilities with them and then arrive on the final choice of colour. An expert house painter will be able to show you samples and help you visualise how each colour will look so that you can take a well informed decision.

Popular choice of colours for the interiors

Here are some tips on using a suitable colour for the interiors of your home:

  • Many home owners prefer blue in their bedrooms
  • Orange and red shades go well in the kitchen
  • Use green sparingly as it is not a very popular colour. If you really like it then you can combine it with blue to create a calm and soothing space

Whether you are planning to upgrade your home to sell it or just want to spruce up its aesthetic appeal, the above tips will help you make a choice of the paint colour. You should also consider the weather of your region while selecting the colour as the colours impact the heating and lighting needs in the house which in turn effects your utility bills.

Image by Thomas G. from Pixabay