What You Need to Know About Female Entrepreneurs Of All Ages and Their Success

Entrepreneurship or the act of starting and setting up a new business is a risk that some of the wealthiest people in the world have made that led them to their outstanding success today. Entrepreneurs need to consider a lot of things before starting their own business and becoming their own boss. Those that build a company from the ground up to have to be okay with putting their finances and personal life on the line in hopes that their business will thrive. From finance entrepreneurs to restaurant and clothing entrepreneurs, the act of starting a business is no easy task.

Anybody that has an idea can become an entrepreneur, and now with access to the internet and digital marketing, becoming an entrepreneur is easier than ever. However, in the age of technology, there is finally a chance for a new demographic of entrepreneurs, and that demographic is females of all ages.

Successful Females of All Ages

Up until the last 20-30 years, a majority of the wealthiest entrepreneurs were men. There are a number of social science aspects as to why this was a reality; however, in short, it was simply easier for men to become more successful as they had access to more resources. However, now in 2020, that statistic has flipped, there are more female entrepreneurs in the world than male ones, and these females are of all ages and backgrounds.

If you are a female that is thinking about starting her own business, there are some things you should know to help you get started. Or, if you already are a female entrepreneur, you may also benefit from the information below.

How Does One Become a Successful Female Entrepreneur?

To become successful as an entrepreneur, females need to overcome or act on the following:

  •  Funding- female entrepreneurs need to seek investments or have the money accessible to not only start their business but also to take care of any issues that may arise
  • Defy social expectations- in a world that has been run by men for thousands of years, women must be okay with and work towards defining expectations of the business status quo
  • Being taken seriously- some women will have to go above and beyond to prove themselves to business associates and investors. Female entrepreneurs will need to be able to cope with the fact that at first they may not be taken seriously
  • Building a support network- to truly be successful, a female entrepreneur (males need this too) will need to surround herself with a network of people that have her and her business’ best interest in mind at all times
  • Balancing business and family life- this is true for all people; one must find the happy medium of work and his or her family
  • Coping with fear- being a female entrepreneur is scary, though the fears associated with becoming your own boss and starting your own business should not prevent  you from success
  • Coping with failure- female enter plus cannot be intimidated by failure; instead, it’s important that they use it to come back stronger

Whether a female entrepreneur is 20 a year old college student in California or she is 65 years old and is utilizing independent senior living in NJ, she will need to make it a point to overcome and focus on the points listed above.

Who Are Some of the Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs?

Here is a shortlist of some of the most successful women who started their own businesses and companies in the last 10 years:

  • Cindy Mi, CEO & Co-Founder of VIPKID
  • Nicky Goulimis, COO & Co-Founder of Nova Credit
  • Jasmine Crowe, CEO & Founder of Goodr
  • Emily Weiss, CEO & Founder of Glossier
  • Julia Collins, CEO & Co-Founder of Zume Pizza
  • Shan-Lyn Ma, CEO & Co-Founder of Zola.
  • Anne Wojcicki, CEO & Co-Founder of 23andMe

Turning the Cliche “Lady Boss” Into a Reality

We have all heard the term, “lady boss.” Whether it be on a tee-shirt, a mug, or on social media, women have this term as a term of endearment. Becoming a “lady boss” means defying all odds and becoming a successful business owner, despite the inequalities that they [women] still are forced to face every day. The cliche, “lady boss,” should raise eyebrows as the term, “man boss,” doesn’t exist; is that because that is typically implied? As women are fighting to get the same rights and respect as men, they aren’t wasting any time as they are also thriving in the business world. If you are a female, young or old with an idea, turn the idea into a reality and become your own, real-life lady boss.

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