Which Coat Should You Wear This Holiday Season?

The holiday season is the moment we meet the most people, throughout the year. We celebrate with colleagues at the company dinner, friends on a wild night out for the New Year, and family at Christmas dinner. The opportunities of meetings with the ones we love are multiplied during this special time of year. So, which coat should you wear to meet-up with all of them? Here is a look at a few trendy models that will have people say “wow!” when they see you.

The Manilla Jacket

If what you look for, when you shop for coats for women, is to stand out from the crowd, then what you need this holiday season is a Manilla jacket. The one you will find at Vanessa Bruno, is exactly the kind that will have everyone talking about the way you are dressed. It exudes a youth feeling, with its dynamic lines, and it his fitted to show your body figure. Its large collar can be worn high or down, and it is available in black or tan. Its sheepskin style will have your friends wanting to touch it. This is definitely the one piece you want, in your wardrobe this Christmas, if you want to dress to impress.

A Reversible Fur Coat

If you are bound to cross paths with the same people throughout the holidays, then you may decide to choose a reversible fur coat. After all, faux fur is all the rage this fall season, so you will be as trendy as it gets. It will also provide you with the possibility to show two very different looks, one of them with the faux fur outside, for every day use, and the other in suede, when you need to look more elegant and sharp. The best thing, for those who easily suffer from the cold weather, is that it will keep you warm.

A Classic Wool Coat

If you don’t already have a beige classic wool coat in your wardrobe, you are missing a key piece of clothing. If you want to show people in your vicinity, that 2022 was a growth year for you, and that you have fully entered adulthood (in the good sense of it), then it is time to buy yourself a quality classic wool coat, so that its pure lines can last for years and years to come. Look for a very soft material, and the belt should not be optional, as no great wool coat can live without it. 

A Synthetic Shearling Coat

We have said it before: This is the season of faux fur. If you don’t have a jacket or a coat which is made of it, you are wasting a great opportunity to be trendy. If you decide for a synthetic shearling coat, everyone you meet will be impressed by your fashion sense, and you will be happy, feeling warm, covered by this beautiful coat, that will last you for many years to come.

As you can see, there is a large choice of coat styles, this winter. Find the one that fits you best, and go out in style, during the upcoming holiday season.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash