Why Are You Failing at Fitness?

Whether you’ve been a fitness enthusiast for many years or recently discovered a love of it during the pandemic doesn’t matter. There’s nothing worse than struggling to see results despite making a genuine effort. Unfortunately, it’s a situation that many women (and men) find themselves in. 

The only way to overcome this hurdle is to identify the source of your problems and actively tackle them. Here are the most common issues, and how to overcome them.

#1. Lack Of Motivation

Consistency is the key to hitting your fitness goals, whether they are related to performance or body image. However, it’s not simply a case of completing your physical activities. You also need to work in an efficient manner. Adding a competitive nature and monitoring your improvements should achieve this. Fitness trackers are your greatest asset, and can be used to compete against friends, strangers, and yourself. When you gain the winning mindset, it will inevitably lead you to greater results. 

#2. Doing Too Much

While a lack of workout frequency and intensity will prevent any real progress, you must avoid overdoing it. Exhaustion will limit your performance levels and may lead to injuries. If you have already noticed a problem, it’s vital that you treat it ASAP. This could mean dealing with shin splints from sprinting, or putting recurrent back pains in the past. In addition to actively treating those issues, you should allow your body a chance to relax. Good sleep habits are, therefore, essential for success.

#3. The Wrong Attire

Clothing choices for fitness may not seem overly important. In reality, though, the right choice of running shoes or base layer clothing will have a telling influence on your workouts. They provide comfort, stability, and temperature regulation features. So, it can support your performance while also reducing the threat of injuries and minor irritations, such as skin redness. The fact that looking great makes you feel more confident is a bonus. Now is the time to invest in some better gym clothing.

#4. Nutrition

There’s a lot of truth in the phrase ‘you can’t outrun a bad diet’. Only an athlete needs to focus on perfect dietary habits. However, everyone hoping to get fitter and healthier should pay close attention to nutrition. From healthier slow cooker meals to substitute snacks, simple changes make a world of difference. Aside from supporting the progress made during workouts, it can actually fuel your body to boost performance levels. Just be sure to avoid starvation as it is as dangerous as overeating. 

#5. No Direction

All fitness activities will have a somewhat positive impact on your health. However, you want the time spent exercising to pay dividends. Therefore, all routines should be tailored with your goals in mind. Firstly, you need to set those specific objectives, such as ‘run a 45min 10km’ or ‘lose 2in from my stomach’. Finding the right strategies tailored to your current levels and aspirations is easier than ever. PTs, online guides, and dedicated classes are all good examples. Nothing should stop you. 

Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

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