Why is Functional Medicine a Traditional Leading Treatment?

Functional medicine is a common practice, but it is a very new area within medicine. Functional medicine begins with a complete clinical history focused on investigating the patient from birth, his place of residence, and his lifestyle (even from pregnancy) to the time of consultation. It also asks about the type of medication and the time of consumption of each.

Functional medicine is a new way in which the functional medicine doctor in Columbus treats the patient as a set of systems that work intimately interconnected. With this new approach, doctors do not treat patients just for a condition or a symptom. It is not about analyzing the disease individually or focused but seeing integrally what caused it and how to address it.

Functional medicine involves fundamental aspects of the organism

  1. Assimilation and Absorption

Assimilation is essential since the patient’s food is fully absorbed to have optimal nutrition.

  • Structural integrity

The cell membrane works as a filter, selecting a correct exchange of substances, knowing which it filters and which should not. Having the proper functioning of each organ and system in the body, you have a better state of health.

  • Communication

The functioning of the human body depends on the communication between all the systems since each one is essential for the correct integral functioning. Some functions are more involved in touch, such as the endocrine system that secretes hormones.

  • Transport

Its objective is to distribute nutrients such as amino acids, electrolytes, oxygen, blood cells, and hormones and collect metabolic waste to be transported to systems that help filtration or elimination.

  • Biotransformation and elimination

Some organs and body systems can filter and remove harmful substances. The problem comes when the amount of toxins in the body is more significant than its ability to eliminate them. One solution is to eliminate exposure to these substances by providing supplements or foods that stimulate the organs responsible for cleaning.

  • Defense and repair

The body’s response to aggression is inflammation. It is a defense mechanism against harmful substances carried out by the immune system.

  • Why is functional medicine necessary? 
  • in our society, chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, mental illnesses, or autoimmune disorders have increased considerably. 

We get an alarming level of toxic elements in the environment, such as inorganic foods, water, cosmetics, and other products with which we come into contact. We have a lack of exercise or a sedentary lifestyle. There are foods high in calories, fats, and sugar – empty foods that do not provide nutrients but many chemicals and toxins.

It is widespread for patients to consume many medications, and each one can have some adverse effect that eventually requires another medication. The objective of functional medicine is to correct the condition and prevent it from happening again over time. Available medicine doctors analyze the patient as a whole and seek the symptoms and the root of the disease. Thanks to the available treatment, it is possible to treat conditions from the initial cause and have a faster recovery.

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