How to Win the Race Against Dog Shedding

Being a dog owner one is used to listening tocomments from non-dog owners like why your dog is sitting on the bed? Why your dog is curling up in that expensive blanket? Why don’t you keep your dog tied? The list is endless. The truth is people who are against keeping a pet won’t understand the love a dog owner has for his/her pooch. The unconditional love provided by a dog, whatever the circumstances, can never be replicated by any human. However, there is one problem. Though we don’t mind it, we do think of ways to fix it. That issue is dog hair. Every nook or cranny of a dog owner’s house is filled with hairs that have shed from the canine.

Of course,dog owners take multiple steps to clean their home from dog hairs like installing standalone air filters which are specially made to clear the air of pet hair, buying vacuum cleaners and investing in the  best Roomba for pet hair.  However, the very first step must be controlling the dog shedding and prior to that, as a dog owner, one must know that shedding is a completely normal process.

Shedding is Perfectly Normal

Shedding is a natural process and one must not get concerned about it. However, excessive shedding could be a sign that something is wrong. Letting go of hairs is perfectly normal as the body has to eliminate damaged hairs so that the same can be replaced with new hairs. Not only dogs; we all shed hair. After a shower,you must have noticed some of your hair on the floor. This is because your dog’s body requires good and healthy hair for a variety of purposes like skin protection, sensation and even controlling body temperature. the good news is that dog shedding can be controlled with the following measures.

Improve your dog’s diet.

Hair is made up of proteins. Hence, if your dog’s diet is lacking the required amount of protein and healthy fats, it is certain that your pet will shed more hair as they will become weak. If you ask your veterinarian he/she will explain toyou the importance of protein and essential fatty acids to enable your dog’s body to maintain a healthy coat of hair.

Stop thinking that the recommended dog food is expensive and you can go tothe cheaper brand. It is betterfor your dog’s long-termhealth that you not try to save on your dog’s food. Dog food which is specially formulated for keeping the coat of your pooch healthy are also readily available in the market. So, ask the vet to recommend the one that will suit your dog best.  

Regular Grooming

If you keep your dog’s hair unkempt and untidy it will shed more. Ideally,you should brush your dog’s hair every day. However, if you can’t brush your dog daily, brush him at least twice a week and after a bath when his hair has dried.. Speak to your vet about the best  grooming tool you can buy for your dog.

Dry your dog properly after its bath

Don’t just leave your pet dog after giving it a bath. It is essential that your dog  be dried properly. If you keep your dog wet for longtimeskin allergies can occur and that will increase the shedding too. Use  shampoos which are specially formulated for your dog. Don’t  the shampoos  you use for yourself.


With the help of these measures,you can effectively reduce your dog’ssheddingto a manageable level. The best part about this is that you can spend some quality time with your dog and show your pooch that you care.

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