Bordeaux Undiscovered – A Wine Experience

Woman Around Town recently attended a fascinating tasting in New York City presented by the Bordeaux Wine Council that highlighted undiscovered Bordeaux wines. Many people consider the wines that are produced in the area to be pricey, but there’s so much more to learn about these accessible French gems. 

The modern wines of Bordeaux have had some challenging times and much as evolved over the past ten years. The wines we tasted are wonderful examples of a new, modern approach by winemakers as they have improved their techniques and commitment to sustainable practice. Through innovation, dynamism and environmental engagement, the Bordeaux region produces sparkling wines, dry whites, modern reds, delightful blends, natural wines, varietal wines, rosé and clairet. It’s nice to know that 75 percent of the Bordeaux vineyard area has a certified environmental approach to winemaking. 

In Bordeaux today there are 108,000 hectares of vines 5,300 winegrowers, 29 cooperative cellars, three unions, and 300 wine merchants. The area is known to support 60,000 jobs. 

So how much wine is being sold around the world? 559 million bottles sold in 2021 and 18 bottles of Bordeaux wine are sold every second globally.  

The red grape varieties that are raised in Bordeaux include 66 percent Merlot, 22 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, and nine percent Cabernet Franc. The white grape varieties include 44 percent Semillon, 45 percent Sauvignon Blanc, and five percent Muscadelle. 

Some of the wines that we tasted are not yet being marketed in the United States but the producers are hoping to capture the interest of distributors and restaurateurs.The quality of Bordeaux wines cannot be denied and the price points tell the story for people who love to raise a glass and enjoy French wine that is budget friendly. Many can be purchased at an SRP of $15 to $25. The next time you are shopping or dining out, look for Bordeaux wines and say “À votre santé” or cheers to accessible, delightful choices from one of the most renowned regions in the heart of France. 

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All photos by Marina Kennedy

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