New York City Area’s Best Group Winery Tastings

We spend most days working ourselves to the bone and coming home exhausted without any respite. Most of us can’t even remember the last weekend when we did everything that we wanted and didn’t spend it on others. Now, taking care of others is important, but, don’t you just want to let your hair down and enjoy yourselves with your girlfriends one of these weekends? We’ve figured out that the trick is to throw caution to the wind and just get to a vacation that we so sorely deserve. A wine tasting party fits this criteria perfectly.

You can rent a bus in NYC with a driver, forget about driving responsibilities for the weekend and go have fun. The driver partner would drive you safe and all of you can let your hair down and party with your girlfriends. 

Now, which wineries do you need to visit? We got you covered on that front too

1.   Millbrook Vineyards and Winery

With countryside views and vintage barns, the Millbrook vineyards bring the best of the world at your doorstep. This Long Island Winery is not far away (only an hour or two by bus) and offers standard portfolios for choosing your drinks from. For the more adventurous of course, there’s the chance to go for the premium wine tasting collection. Check out a walking tour around the property and savor the pairing of local dishes with the wine as they bring over the floats. 

2. Macari Vineyards

Book ahead for this one. The old vineyard dates back to the times when Prohibition was on. Now, the property has a 500-acre area where grapes are grown and specialized wines are made. However, you have to book way ahead to ensure that a large party can be accommodated (they have an upper limit of 12). 

If you plan to party, just remember, they are serious people who are known for putting the louder groups into the cellar area. However, the beautiful countryside, plus the floats with the best of local wines make it worth it.  Go on a hike through the property, accompanied with some of the best wines you can find in Long Island

The organic vineyard is filled with wonders that reach way back and offers a birds-eye view of the wonderful Long Island horizon from its edge. 

3. Channing Daughters Winery

Now, this is a winery where you’ll be thankful for not bringing your hubby along. 

The Channing Daughters specialize in Rose and have some of the best wines around. Enjoy the calm atmosphere of the Hamptons and read up on the history of the vineyard that has survived some serious natural disasters. Enjoy the Rose, let your hair down and try out some of the activities that are offered in the wineries. 

4. Palmer Vineyards

The perfect Vineyard for an escape, the Palmers’ bring a bit of Spanish spice into the magic of wine-making. The Spanish notes in the wines are very prominent as are the luxurious views that decorate the landscape around the property. Sit down in a white chair, look out to the extensive vineyards and sip on some glasses of wine. The distinct taste comes from the grapes endemic to Spain, brought here especially for this vineyard

5. Lieb Cellars and Bridge Lane

Lieb Cellars is a very serious winery with special floats customized for your sake. However, that’s not why we recommend this dual winery. Its because visiting both on the same day and moving from the sober cellar to the experimental and jazzy Bridge Lane is always fun. Enjoy the weather, have some fun and drink up, there’s little that matches up to that hype then. 

Now, while a winery tour is fine and all, sometimes there are kinks to get rid of, you can check out the recommendations to do that too. 

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