Paulaner NYC

The Lower East Side has a plethora of restaurants including a German gem, Paulaner NYC, a brewery serving Bavarian cuisine. One of the best times to visit is during a game night! Most of the staff is dressed in period Bavarian costumes, which gives you the feeling that you’re somewhere far from home. Paulaner’s industrial brewery, open floor space and brick walls are quick hints that house brewed beers are something special.

interiorInterior of Paulaner NYC

Untitled-6Our lovely waitress for the day, Mia!

Not being beer lovers, my guest and I decided to start with wine instead of beer. The wine selection is plentiful. My guest had a cool glass of Riesling and I had a refreshing glass of Strauss Sämling. The Strauss was smooth and light – exactly what I was hoping for! Riesling (left) and Strauss (right).

wineReisling and Strauss

As an appetizer, we went straight for the Obazda & Pretzel. It’s a deliciously large baked pretzel with a load of sea salts and a side of cheese paste that contains large chunks of cheese. The spread has a very distinct, sharp taste and is rich in flavor.

Untitled-8Obazda and Pretzel

For the entrée, my guest had the Zwiebelrostbraten, which, of course, I sampled. Although there are several variations of this dish, we agreed that this was of the best! The Zwiebelrostbraten is a NY strip with caramelized onions, spinach and roasted potatoes. I usually prefer well-done meat but in this case my guest asked for medium rare and I underestimated it until I had a bite. The NY strip was tender and juicy.


I ordered the roasted chicken with mushroom ragout, pea ravioli and herbs. The mixture of ravioli, mushrooms and peas wasn’t a combination I had tried before, but it turned out to be delicious. The slightly crisp chicken sitting a top the tender ravioli and mushrooms was light and subtle.

chickenRoasted Chicken with Ravioli and Mushrooms

Then the best “mistake” happened: an additional entrée was placed on our table that we didn’t order. Kelly, our lovely host, brought a gift from the kitchen for us to share. It was the Spätzle, which is a soft egg noodle pasta from Germany and Austria. Unlike most pasta, this one was very light and savory. I’ll take this pasta over any Italian pasta I’ve had!


After the fantastic food, we were offered desserts. Who can say no to that? Not me! So we shared the Sachertort, a type of chocolate cake first created by Austrian Franz Sacher in 1832 for Prince Wenzel von Metternich and it definitely made me feel ROYAL!

sacher torteSachertort

There are a number of reasons to visit Paulaner NYC and I’ll tell you why. They brew their own beers on-site, it’s great for large groups, you’ve entered another time period and they allow you to play games while seated. Most importantly, the authentic Bavarian food is simply perfect.

Paulaner NYC
265 Bowery, NYC