The Food Holidays for a Healthy, Delicious 2020

There seems to be a food holiday for every day of the year. Some speak to high-calorie, luscious desserts like Cupcake Day or Chocolate Mousse Day. Woman Around Town has gathered ones for those that wish to celebrate unofficial food holidays with healthy foods. Check them out and mark your calendars. There are ones for every month of the New Year.

January: 1/9 Apricot Day, 1/15 Fresh Squeezed Juice Day; 1/24 Peanut Butter Day

February:  2/4 Homemade Soup Day; 2/16 Almond Day; 2/27 Strawberry Day

March: 3/7 Cereal Day; 3/16 Artichoke Heart Day; 3/26 Spinach Day 

April: 4/15 Banana Day; 4/19 Garlic Day; 4/30 Raisin Day

May: 5/4 Orange Juice Day; 5/13 Hummus Day; 5/17 Walnut Day; 

June: 6/1 Olive Day; 6/3 Egg Day; 6/21 Smoothie Day; 

July:  7/4 Caesar Salad Day; 7/14 Macaroni Day; 7/30 Avocado Day 

August: 8/3 Watermelon Day; 8/8 Zucchini Day;  8/29 Potato Day 

September: 9/4 Macadamia Nut Day; 9/7 Acorn Squash Day; 9/13 Peanut Day

October: 10/20 Apple Day; 10/28 Oatmeal Day; 10/26 Pumpkin Day

November:  11/9 Greek Yogurt Day; 11/21 Cranberry Day; 11/22 Cashew Day

December: Uh-oh.  We couldn’t find any healthy ones for December, and that’s just as well. You probably have eaten well all year so indulge in homemade cookies and foods at holiday parties.

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