Wines of Sicily – Explore the Facts 

What do you know about Sicilian Wines? Woman Around Town attended a special luncheon at Manhatta in NYC where we sampled an outstanding selection of Sicily’s wines. The Italian Wine Specialist and Sicilia DOC Brand Ambassador, Jeff Porter whose presentation included fascinating information hosted the tasting. When you learn more about the region, we are sure you will want to explore and experience Sicilian wines. 

-Sicilia DOC represents the region in its entirety with a goal to protect the Sicilia brand. 

-Sicily is the crossroads of Mediterranean viticulture with centuries of winemaking experience. In fact, Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and the southernmost of the Italian regions covering 9,444 square miles. 

Sicilian Wines (Photo by Marina P. Kennedy)

-The climate of Sicily is known for hot summers and mild, rainy winters, perfect for growing grapes. 

-The region has a long list of native grapes. A predominant one is the Nero d’Avola but winemakers also use Nerello, Mascalese, Perricone, Merlot, Cabernet, Grillo, and Chardonnay along with other grapes. 

-Sicily’s terroir is varied depending on the geographic location.  The many soil types range from volcanic and brown soils to red iron rich ones that prove ideal for viticulture. 

-There are currently 7,902 vine growers, with 530 wineries.

-In 2021, Sicily produced 96,255,770 bottles of wine. 

-Sicily is in the forefront of organic wine production setting the pace for other regions in Italy and beyond.

Sicilian wines are not only accessible to consumers but can be purchased at good price points. And it’s no secret that wines from Sicily pair beautifully with diverse cuisines that include Italian foods, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean dishes.

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Top – Bigstock photo: Two glasses of wine on a beach at sunset, Sicily island, Italy.

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