An Intro To Aligning Yourself With Astrology

“In all chaos, there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.” ~Carl Jung, Analytic Psychologist

I start with this quote because our world too often feels chaotic, overcomplicated, unpredictable, and out of our control— both on a micro and macro level. But Jung reminds us that there is truly a secret order.

Carl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist and the founder of analytic psychology, a psychological field of study that distinctly focuses on the lived experiences and achieving individuation, the lifelong psychological process of differentiation of the self from individual’s conscious and unconscious elements. His work has greatly influenced psychiatry, anthropology, literature, and spiritual studies— including Astrology.

Used in Astrology is Jung’s concept of archetypes, innate, universal, or personal prototypes for ideas that are derived from the collective unconscious. Also present is his concept of the shadow-self, the unconscious patterns created through repressed, suppressed, or disowned emotions, behaviors, and traumas.

The point being if there is “a secret order,” there are ways to uncover and become part of this order. We must create a sense of harmony within our lives; not only for our personal well-being but our emotional growth and collective enlightenment.

Astrology is one way to do this.

As you’ve seen, in learning Astrology you will also learn and use concepts relating to Jung’s analytic psychology, to psychiatry, to literature, religion, and spirituality, to physical therapy and environmentalism— all in an effort to gain deeper awareness and mindfulness. Astrology is an all-encompassing tool that has historically been practiced in various ways in almost every cultur; using the cosmos to map the passing of time and change of seasons, to personify personal expressions and emotions, to practice religious and spiritual rituals, and to deeply connect with the conscious and unconscious self and collective mind.

Now, this history is far too vast to dive into here; so instead with this background in mind, I will simply explain the goals of these upcoming articles.

Today astrology can be secular or non-secular; it can be paired with personal rituals, prayers, meditations, or can simply be something to read, journal, and reflect on.

People often ask “Do you really believe in astrology?” But that question shows a misunderstanding of what Astrology actually is.

It is not a belief system, but a language. A form of communication to read and translate the cosmic layout at a particular moment. To seek answers through the representative and archetypal understanding of cosmic bodies and then translate that interpretation to our lives.

Just as we put together the alphabet to create words that have been assigned a meaning, each astral body— the planets, the stars, sun, and moon— is given energetic power. Like letters forming words, and words forming sentences, each astral body holds an energetic meaning, those bodies move around each other forming a blueprint of dynamic energy forecasts, which we can read, interpret, and use to guide our life.

“Astrology is simply pure potential. It gives an archetype energy pattern at any given time. It’s like a sheet of music not yet played. We as individuals or as a collective have the power to play with that energy pattern. We can play with it, like the sheet music, poorly or harmoniously and beautifully.” ~Pam Gregory, Author and Astrologer

This is something we all already do without realizing. The easiest explanation is the January 1st New Year, when the Earth completes a full rotation around the sun. We celebrate this symbolic ending and beginning by expressing gratitude, partying with loved ones, and setting resolutions for the new year to come. In other words, we align our thoughts, actions, and emotions with this major cosmic shift.

Those who follow and practice Astrology do so by mindfully following, interrupting, and aligning themselves with the cosmic energy they connect with. For some that means closely following the phases of the moon, others connect with a specific planet, others may pay attention to what bodies pass through their birth sign.

No matter how you choose to practice, these upcoming articles will give you an monthly overview of the Astrological forecast, inviting you to align your mind, body, and spirit with that energy.

To begin, my advice would be to read these articles each month with an open mind and an open journal.

Read and reflect on what you connect with— where you are feeling these emotions, behaviors, or decisions in your life? What energies do you wish to align with? Some months may ask: How can you be more like a warrior? How are you called to heal others? How can you be more open in your communication? Where do you need to rest and recharge? What do you need to let go of?

Additionally, these articles will include a mindful review of when the New Moon and Full Moon will be. Focusing on these energies can be immensely rewarding. It’s a great way to set new intentions and keep you on track to fulfilling your personal goals.

Ultimately, Astrology can be your roadmap to greater self-awareness, to a deeper understanding of yourself, and to fulfilling engagement with the world around you.

Again journaling is an amazing way to begin or expand this practice. So I hope you will return to these articles each month and enjoy the beginning or continuation of your Astrology journey.

Each month, Sofia Pipolo will cover a specific astrological sign.

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