Beachy Keen Skin Care

Aside from damaging ultra-violet light from the sun, when lounging poolside or at the beach, skin comes into contact with dozens of other harmful elements and needs complete protection, so don’t just stop with sunscreen.

Salty Situations

Saltwater and chlorine wreak havoc on skin.  Both can cause dryness and dehydration, as well as leave skin itchy, twitchy and vulnerable.  One easy way to help soothe the skin is to rinse off after swimming or playing in the surf.  Physically washing away salt and chlorine will also help skin to recover its equilibrium.  Whether traveling to the shore or merely heading outside to your backyard pool, always keep body wash or shower gel on hand that has anti-chlorinating ingredients, which will thoroughly remove all traces of this drying chemical. For hair, try Redken Color Extend Sun After-Sun Shampoo or L’Oreal Kids Extra-Gentle 2-in-1 Swim & Sport Shampoo. Then for body, try Phyto Moisturizing Hair & Body Wash, enriched with coconut oil to delicately clean and remove both chlorine and salt from the skin. Triswim Body Wash is another great option.

Itch, Itch, Scratch, Scratch

In addition to chlorine and saltwater, in our area, there are dozens of teeny-tiny reasons why the skin might itch: bugs.  With our dense humidity and high heat, summertime in DC is the ideal stomping ground for mosquitoes, chiggers, and sand fleas, not to mention ticks – all of which love to bite!  To minimize the risk of getting bitten, skip perfume or heavily-scented body lotions and instead opt for products which both protect the skin and repel bugs such as Badger SPF34 Anti-Bug Sunscreen and the iconic Avon standby: Skin So Soft Bug Guard plus Anti-Itch Spray, now in advanced formulas to soften skin, reduce itchiness and repel bugs. They even make formulas with SPF, as well.

Burn On, Not Out

Once the sun sets and the water fun for the day is over, treat your beachy skin to a little TLC for extra nourishment and deep hydration. For instant relief, slather on a healing body cream such as Burt’s Bees Aloe & Linden Flower After Sun Soother, Bath & Body Works Malibu Radiance Whipped Body Cream or Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel. And don’t forget the face! Thalgo Sun Repair Cream-Mask, with sea heather and marine proteins instantly hydrates and soothes sun-exposed skin.

And to replenish the entire body from the inside out, sip on a refreshing cup of water with a slice of lemon and a few sprigs of mint throughout the day. This delicious, hydrating mixture delivers vitamin C to help protect and repair sun-exposed skin. Plus, it’s tasty!