The Busy Woman’s Guide to Starting a Blog

You’ve got passions and hobbies, and maybe you want an outlet to talk about them more. Blogging is the perfect way to do that! You can write about anything you’d like to. But blogging can look overwhelming when you first start out, especially if you have a busy schedule and not a ton of time to devote to the initial planning. There are challenges that every blogger has to face, so here are a few tips for navigating the world of blogging if you’re curious about how to start out.

Choose Your Concept 

First, you’ll have to decide what the basic concept of your blog will be. When you start making your site, it’s normal to want to write about everything you love. Your blog will probably have ten different topics and no clear routine yet as to when to write about each one. No sweat — you’ll find what you enjoy writing about as you go along.

Try to narrow down the concept of your blog as a whole. Choose three or four top ideas and start with them. You can always change things around later (some topics will attract more readers than others), but start off with just a few. Your next job will be to narrow down the concept of each post. The first thing this really comes down to is headlines.

It may come as a surprise, but 80% of readers only read the headlines, which leaves 20% to go on to read your entire post. Don’t be discouraged! Take this as an opportunity to practice writing some awesomely creative headlines that will draw people in. You’ll be writing great posts in no time.

Readers Want Longer Content

A lot of things on the internet are about being short and to the point. People want their content to catch the attention of others and be shareable. This might work really well on some platforms, but with blogging, the market actually tends to favor the opposite. Longer blog posts have proven to have more reader interaction.

Did you know that by adding an extra 1,000 words, you can triple your chance of having your post shared? Longer posts get featured more prominently by Google, which will only attract a larger audience for your blog.

Stay on the Right Side of the Law

Have you ever seen celebrities post on social media about their favorite product and end it with #ad? This is because when someone with a large audience makes a paid recommendation, they legally have to label it as an ad. Bloggers have to do the same thing.

If your blog gets a big enough audience, companies related to what you write about will want you to recommend them. So if you write about beauty products, you may have a make-up company want you to share information about their products with your readers. This can be a fun way to make some extra dough or get some sweet swag. 

Oftentimes, companies will send you samples of their products so you can give an honest review. You’ll want to make sure that your readers know that this is a paid sponsorship, but if you really liked the product, there’s no harm in letting them know that they’re in for a great product as long as you’re being transparent.

There are other specific laws that will apply to bloggers — such as First Amendment right applications comparable to those of journalists — that everyone seriously considering blogging should look into. Take some time before you get started to learn everything that you can and then go from there.

Going Forward with Blogging

How do you come up with the content for your next post when you’re stuck in a rut? How do you find time to write, and how much time do you need anyway? These are questions you probably already have, but that you’ll only be able to figure out for certain with time. If you love what you write about, coming up with content won’t be a struggle. You might even find that you want to plan content ahead of time. So choose topics you enjoy!

As for the time you’ll need to budget for your posts, you’ll have to work that out as you go through your daily routines. Every day is different, just like every post is different. Some posts you’ll be so excited to write about that the words will pour out onto the page. Others will need some more time and research in order to make a solid post. Don’t worry about this too much! Every blogger has their own routine, and you’ll fall into yours with time.

The questions you’re asking yourself about blogging are most likely common questions that other bloggers have already struggled with and overcome. Take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone! Most of the time, the answer is to just give yourself some time and practice. Do your research and take a deep breath — then start writing!

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