Cancer Season: Ride The Tides

In each article, I have included a way to align yourself with the phases of the Moon. The New Moon is a quiet time to reset, cleanse, and release; the Full Moon an energetic time of fullness, clarity, and abundance.

Just like the Moon, we go through phases. Tapping into the rhythmic cycles of the Moon can guide our inner emotional world. We feel this powerful lunar influence in our lives this Cancer Season (June 22-July22).

Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign, which initiates emotional bonds and clarity. It is ruled by the Moon, our emotional guide and guardian through darkness.

The Moon and Ocean have a beautiful and inspirational synchronistic relationship. The Moon pushes and pulls the tides-— harmoniously rising and falling. Taoist author Deng Ming-Dao writes, “The Moon does not fight. It attacks no one. It does not worry. It does not try to crush others. It keeps to its course, but by its very nature, it gently influences. What other body could pull an entire ocean from shore to shore? The moon is faithful to its nature and its power is never diminished.”

Begin to think of your emotions like water— flowing through us and flowing from us. Rising and falling.

Sometimes there are storms and rough waters. The Ocean becomes dark and cloudy; kicks up dirt and rolls in strong waves powerful enough to cause destruction. But water’s faithful power and wisdom is its talent to always find stillness. After the storm, the waves and debris settle, so once again the Moon can clearly reflect on the Ocean’s calm surface.

These scary storms happen to all of us. Crisis and stress happens, and we become angry, upset, or helpless— like we are drowning in the waves of our emotions. During these storms remember, we cannot swim against the current of uncomfortable emotions, or else we will surely get exhausted and drawn. Instead, we must flow with them, trusting the waves will bring us to a point of still, peaceful, and safer water.

Cancer season is the time to fully embody the vast and deep ocean of your emotions.

By approaching each and every one of your emotions with empathy, compassion, and non-judgment you can build powerful vulnerability, awareness, and connection. You can become more generous and caring with yourself and with others. Like the Moon, you’ll harmoniously shift from the chaotic high tide to the peaceful low tide.

To begin, find stillness during the New Moon in Cancer (June 28). The lunar low tide provides a safe, cleansing, and calm energy to turn inward and explore your emotions.

Cancer is symbolized by the Crab; a solitary creature who freely moves between the sea shore and the ocean waves. A crab’s very nature is to coexist with the tides. Crabs also develop a hard outer shell and strong claws to protect their soft inner bodies.

Ask yourself: What protective mentalities or behaviors have I developed to shield my inner self? Are these helpful or harmful to me and others?

Being truly vulnerable with your emotions in an empathetic and loving way will bring you greater strength and closeness to yourself and others.

It’s important to feel and express the entire spectrum of our emotions in a healthy way that does not harm or disrespect ourselves or others. That is— to be able to regulate your emotions so that your behavior and decisions are not overloaded by them. We all have the free will to choose our behaviors. For example just because we are angry does not mean we must choose to yell and curse. Instead, this Cancer season, honor your uncomfortable emotions, like anger, in a respectful way for greater vulnerability.

These intentions and feelings come to a high-energy culmination at the Full Moon in Capricorn (July 13). The waves are rising up; this will certainly be an emotionally intense time. Thankfully, being in the motivated, responsible, and grounded Earth sign of Capricorn will support us from being swept up in the emotional storm.

Find grounded ways to connect with the flow of intense emotions. For example, breathing exercises, yoga or Tia Chi, meditation, creating art, listening to music, singing or dancing, journaling, or simply talking with a trusted friend.

Cancer energy has the vice of staying isolated in emotions resulting in a guarded, moody, or melancholy mindset. Astrologer Chani Nicholas reflects, “Moody as the tides it rides, a crab backed into a corner will come out snapping and hold on to whatever it can.” Like the crab, when threatened we snap onto emotions as a form of self-preservation. People hold onto grief becoming stuck in depressive states and numb to new experiences. Others may cling to adrenaline and elated feelings, avoiding uncomfortable emotions and fearing anything but pleasure.

Suppressing emotions, whether they are comfortable or uncomfortable, leads to harmful effects on your mental health, like depression, addiction, and resentment. All forms of emotional blockage. Ask yourself: Are there any places where I have an emotional blockage? What feelings am I stopping from being felt? How can I express my stuck emotions in a healthy way?

This month will also begin to finalize the long-term lessons of the final Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius (May-October). Saturn, our strict teacher, uses major life events and experiences to give us mental clarity, harsh lessons, or major shifts in individual or collective thinking. Being in its home sign of Aquarius means these lessons deal with collective, societal, and cultural

consciousness and healing. We have seen this clearly as Saturn moved into Aquarius in March of 2020— the start of the pandemic, beginning our collective journey of global life lessons. Over these past 3 years, we have all experienced extreme life changes, losses, and gains culminating in major shifts in lifestyles, values, and perspectives.

You may use this retrograde period to reflect on these changes and receive clarity from what you have learned. Study the previous years— What wisdom have these experiences taught you? How have you grown individually? What do you hope this time has taught us collectively?

This is a powerful time to be vulnerable and tap into the wisdom of your emotions. Release your claw’s strong grip— stop swimming against the current and return to shore.

Be curious and non-judgemental about what emotions arise during this Cancer season. Remember, like the Moon, every phase of our emotions has value; they must be felt and expressed to be released. Allow yourself to be vulnerable as feelings flow through your body knowing that you can bring yourself back to the stillness of Lunar low tide.

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