How We’re Coping in Florida

Woman Around Town has writers and readers all over the U.S. We’ve asked them to check in on how they are coping now. Darcy Corcoran writes from Florida.

Being in Florida during this time has been a blessing. The great weather and sunshine make it enjoyable to get out of the house comfortably every day. Our family has spent more time focusing on what is within our control. We think a bit more about how to prepare to meet our needs. 

We’re being forced to look at work from home in a different light. We’re busier now than we’ve ever been because the whole world has gone online. Previously, I thought it was one option for people, now I see for many, it’s their only option. More than ever, I am compelled to continue to build and grow our business. 

Before the crisis, we tried to get out of the house daily for social interaction, either by dining with friends or joining a happy hour three or four times a week. That has now changed. We now cook more meals from home than we ever have, and it’s been interesting to see how much money we save. In Florida, there are so many fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, and meats. To prepare some of these things requires learning some new cooking skills and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

Daily visits to the gym were also part of our social and healthful activities. Now, we do yoga and make up workouts. 

Our coping strategy is to have a daily plan in place for certainty in uncertain times. A plan helps to keep us grounded and includes organizing meals, exercise, office work, or weekly/daily checking in on people that we care about. 

It’s helpful to have something to look forward to, even something as simple as scheduling a family bike ride or a family walk. We’ve been getting excited about making a creative meal out of whatever remains we can find in the grocery store. It’s crucial to find the joy in these little victories every day, whether it’s a gathering online with friends or baking a cake. Whatever it is, find the joy.

All the information that can be found online about this situation is endless. We decided to limit our exposure to news and current events to 15 minutes in the morning and evening to discuss and stay apprised of the situation. We do not allow ourselves to get embroiled in the news all day long. We found that it makes us less productive, and we choose to put energy toward other areas of our lives.  

Right now, people are facing a lot of uncertainty about their health and finances. We know that there are things we can do for our health and in our business every day to focus on the positives. We can focus on our mental, physical, and emotional health. Our daily plan is comprised of eating healthy, supporting the ones we love, moving our bodies, and continuing to show up daily online with a positive attitude for our business community to mentor, guide, and provide leadership.

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Darcy Corcoran is a U.S. Army Veteran who has spent 20 years serving in the Department of Defense. She is a Certified Coach and facilitator of the Job Loss Recovery© visualization program, published author, and founder of the career and relationship transition blog