March for Our Lives – Welcome to the Movement

Text and photos by Gary J.Kohn

Niki and I were two of the approximately 800,000 people attending yesterday’s March for Our Lives in Washington, DC. The only speakers were young people (under 18) who were direct or indirect victims of crimes with a gun. These were some of the most intelligent, passionate, articulate, and dedicated people I have heard in all my years in DC. They have filled us with hope that their generation is, indeed, the one that will be able to change the culture of violence in our country. They are astounding and have convinced us that they are capable of overcoming the well-funded and well-connected opposition that awaits them. As a result, we will not sit back and observe their efforts from afar–we will find ways to be a part of their efforts and urge you to do the same. Do it not just for their sake, but for the sake of your own children and grandchildren. Do it for the sake of our democracy.