Morning Motivation – Bounce Back from 2020!

I’ve been through it all!  From a struggling single mom who lost her job, filed bankruptcy and finalized her second divorce all in one month, I know what it’s like to bounce back from all kinds of situations – circumstances that one might believe are too hard to overcome. Using these experiences to propel a change in the direction of my life, I bounced back and so many new things happened. 

How we approach adversity truly matters. On my toughest days I always remained hopeful. My goal in writing my column is to share my wealth of knowledge when it comes to bouncing back! 

The turning of a new year allows us to reflect on the difficult year behind us, assess how we dealt with adversity, and resolve to do better. The normal New Year’s resolutions—making new friends, paying off debts, losing weight almost seem inadequate after a pandemic year that was like no other in our lifetimes. 

 So this year, let’s make collective resolutions that can help all of us bounce back from 2020, together, and make 2021 a better year for everyone.  Here are tips to help you be positive and constructive about the year that’s over, and carry positive behaviors into the days ahead. 

TIP 1: Remain Hopeful 

  • Focus on what is working for you—at home, at work, and with your family and friends.
  • When we choose to be hopeful we choose what gets our attention, and choose to focus on positives, and moving forward. 
  • Approach each day with hope. It will help you excited about that day, and about the future. 

TIP 2: Focus on Healing 

  • Pay attention to your emotional state. 
    • It’s OK to feel weak. It’s OK to feel strong. The key is to recognize when you need to turn your day around.
  • If you need support, seek it out. Ask for it. Nobody who loves or cares for you will feel or think less of you.
  • Remember that we all heal in our own time. Don’t be discouraged if others are moving forward or changing their mindset at a different pace than you.
  • One way to follow your journey and recognize when you need a helping hand is to write a letter to 2020, share what worked for your mental health, what did not work, and what you can learn from your experiences. Go back to it next year if you’re having a hard day.

TIP 3: Stay Heartfelt 

  • Lead with your heart.
  • Show respect to yourself and others. 
  • Before you speak, think: is what I’m about to say truly from my heart? Am I trying to help? To understand? To encourage?
  • Just be there for your family, friends, and colleagues. Listen. They’ll notice, and it will be good for both of you.

TIP 4: Choose Happiness 

  • Choose to celebrate you and the people with whom you surround yourself.
  • Choose to care for yourself.
  • Choose to help others.  
  • Choose to smile.
  • Choose to have a positive attitude. 
  • Choose to begin to bounce back! 

This is the year that we all have something to recover from, be it a job loss, a loved one who died, or loneliness. Moving forward, 2021 is the year to bounce back and create the best life for you and your loved ones.

Top Photo of Lisa Bien, Credit: Dana Romano Photography

Lisa Bien is a motivational speaker and coach whose column appears twice a month on Woman Around Town. For more information on Lisa, go to her website.

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Lisa Bien is a motivational speaker and coach whose “Morning Motivation” segment on Philadelphia’s PHL17 TV Morning News Program is a hit with viewers. As a regular contributor, she offer tips on a variety of topics that range from relationships and family dynamics to empowering your life and handling the challenges of living during the pandemic. As a proud alumna of Temple University, she also hosts her own Temple TV program, “Your Best Life with Lisa,” formerly known as “BOUNCING BACK with Lisa Bien!” Lisa is the author of three books, “Life Happens: Bounce Back!” and “Divorce Happens:Bounce Back!", where she lays out the Bouncing Back philosophy she developed as she overcame her own hardships. “111 Ways to Bounce Back,” continues her inspiring message, guiding others to bounce back from life’s challenges using her tips combined with focused journaling.