Morning Motivation – Three Tips for Becoming a Morning Person

When my children were younger, I would spend time at night packing lunches. Most mornings, I fell into the dreaded hurry-up-and-get-your-child-to-school and make-it-to-work-on-time routine. Perhaps you recognize it. 

Today, at 54, I have a delightful morning routine that helps me create my day. It took me some time to realize the benefits of a smooth morning, and what an incredible tool a morning routine can be. Simply put: It sets you up for success.   

  • As soon as I wake up and open my eyes, I smile and thank God for another day. I am very spiritual and routinely begin my day with mediation. I take time to give thanks for another healthy day and, most importantly, I thank my body for all that it does every day.
  • I wake up two hours before I need to be at work. I use that time to ease into my day, and concentrate on a positive mindset. I light soothing candles in my room. The light from the candles reminds me that we are all light. When I blow the candles out before I head out the door, I am reminded of the importance of being kind; not to blow out anyone’s light and to continue to strive to make the world a brighter place.
  • I enjoy my first cup of coffee. It’s an integral part of “me” time when I think about what my day and picture how it will unfold. If I am hosting a meeting at work, I think about how I want that meeting to go. I actually visualize my day. 

My routines remind me to take care of me every day so that I can be the best version of me to take care of the people I love and those who need my love and attention.

If you do not have a morning routine, or maybe you are just not a morning person, here are some ideas to consider if you are either contemplating establishing a routine, or just want to ease into your mornings in a way that’s more positive and less hurried.     

What would the perfect morning look like for you? 

Everyone always says the New Year is the time to start new habits or shed bad ones. I say every day is an opportunity to start something new that works best for you. Maybe, just maybe, you can start creating a routine tomorrow morning that works better for you – but only if you want to.  

Remember that it’s all about you, taking care of you and making sure you gear up for the day ahead.

Here are three tips that can help you become a morning person and kick start a morning routine. 

Know Your Why

  • Why are you trying to become a morning person? 
  • When we know our why it compels us to do something and stick to it even if it requires hard work.
  • Keep it real. OK, once you decide you want to be a morning person write it down. I want to be a morning person because X. Fill in the blank. 
  • Buy Post-it notes and write your reasons on the notes and place them at various places you can see as a reminder of your why. 

Get into Your Sleep Rhythm 

  • Sleep is important to everything we do, especially waking up.
  • Waking up at the same time helps you with an easier wake up.
  • Go to bed at the same time every night. It works. 
  • Pick a time that is realistic. 
  • Tell your friends and family so they know not to text or call you before bedtime. 

Set Your Alarm 

  • An alarm clock will force you to wake up early.
  • Set your alarm for 30 minutes every day before the actual time you need to get up. Move into this new time gradually, allowing time for your body to adjust. 
  • Have a reminder of your why in your phone so it pops up as an incentive.  
  • You can also ask a friend to be your wake-up call to ensure you are up and seizing the morning. 

Good luck on creating your day, and like I always say to my sons, “Make it the best day ever.”

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Lisa Bien is a motivational speaker and coach whose column appears twice a month on Woman Around Town. For more information on Lisa, go to her website.

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