Morning Motivations: Kicking off Women’s History Month – Let’s Celebrate!

March is Women’s History Month. We honor women’s contributions in many fields throughout American history. Let’s use March as a reminder to do what you can truly do to make a positive difference for the women in your life. 

Today I want to share some ideas for acknowledging and honoring the women in your life—young and old!! Mom, daughter, niece, aunt, friend – let’s celebrate all they’ve done, are doing now, and will do in the future. 

Women, Check in with Yourself and Take Stock of your life

Stop doing things just because you have in the past. Do a personal inventory. 

Ask yourself how am I doing? How are my relationships with my female friends, relatives, and co-workers?

Do they need something from you that you don’t give them right now? If you don’t know, ask them?

Do you need something from them in your relationship? Tell them! 

Women Recognize Your Gifts and Celebrate You

Make a list of all your gifts. These things don’t have to be extraordinary. They can be special, even if you take them for granted.

Are you a good listener for your female friends? Do you bring joy to someone? Are you organized and help bring calm to others? Think!

Acknowledge who you are and what you bring into the world! This is your month 

Celebrate All the Women in Your Life  

Create a Girls Day!

Make a list of women who’ve impacted your life. Write a note to thank them and tell them how they impact you positively and bring joy, wisdom, or positivity to your life! 

Be Inspired by History 

Visit a museum. Read a book about a woman trailblazer who inspires you. Buy a book for a friend, or your daughter, of a woman who can be a role model!

Take Your Daughter to Lunch 

Make a day, and the month, all about your daughter. 

Moms and daughters. Plan an outing, some time alone, a special event just for you and your daughters, or you and your mom. Watch that movie that dad has no interest in! Eat some ice cream! Talk! Laugh!

Then don’t forget about Dad and your daughters. Both of you sit down with your daughters and talk to her about who she is, who she is becoming, and her potential to do wonderful things!

Write Empowering Vision Statements together. Seeing how yours matches hers will bring you together now, and in the future!

Whatever you do, please take some time to celebrate you, today and every day! 

Top Photo of Lisa Bien, Credit: Dana Romano Photography

Lisa Bien is a motivational speaker and coach whose column appears twice a month on Woman Around Town. For more information on Lisa, go to her website.

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