Pisces Season: Endings and Beginnings

“In all the chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.” – Carl Jung

Throughout these articles, you’ll have seen a major principle of Astrology’s teaching is finding balance— between light and dark, earth and air, fire and water, giving and receiving, expression and introspection. These dueling forces are always leveling each other out.

Closing this Astrological year, Pisces season (February 20-March 23) fully embodies eternal balance. In tune and empathetic to the rhythms of life, this season brings us visions of transcendence.

Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac, still, its harmonic energy has been felt throughout each previous and forthcoming season. This is where our intentions throughout the year culminate. As we have worked with each Zodiac season’s energy, we have in turn been aligning ourselves with Pisces season. Recall all that you have learned, lost, hurt, and healed from throughout the year: each experience and emotion has transformed you. You may feel you’ve learned many lessons, but equally feel there is more to discover. You may feel fulfilled like you know yourself better, yet equally, feel lost with many paths in front of you.

This is the whirlpool of Pisces season: Reminding us no beginning can come without an ending and no ending without a beginning.

Pisces is symbolized by the Dueling Fish. This symbol is comparable to the Yin and Yang sign— representing the equal balance of dark and light. Light lives within darkness and darkness in light. The Dueling Fish of Pisces has a rhythmic quality, in constant flow with itself. It is a symbol of wholeness. Astrology Chani Nicholas writes, “The symbol for this sign is two fish swimming in different directions, bound by a cord. This symbol encapsulates the paradox at the heart of this persona. Much like two people rowing in different directions in the same boat, Pisces can spend a lot of energy swimming in circles. Perhaps this whirlpool effect eventually leads to another dimension.”

And of course, it does. Pisces leads us into the next Zodiac year— where we enter as a new person; wiser, stronger, and kinder, with just as much to discover. This is a period of transition that comes with a feeling of suspension, anticipation, and uncertainty. It is okay, flow with any discomforts. Swim with darkness in order to find forgiveness, compassion, empathy, acceptance, and greater love. Love for both the light and dark.

For the New Moon in Pisces (February 22) set an intention to bring you gracefully into this new point. This New Moon invites us to be in flow with the Dueling Fish; be in attune to the present moment, rather than trying to control the past or future. Remember security, control, and certainty is often an illusion. It is possible to surrender to life, without giving up on it.

As a Mutable Water sign ruled by Neptune, the Dreamer, Pisces disperses visions and deep emotional insight. Neptune’s work reveals subtle messages, vocations, and wisdom through physical intuition, emotions, and even dreams. Ask yourself: What emotional or spiritual insight has culminated for me throughout this past year? What wisdom has been revealed to me?

Like a heavy mist of rain droplets, Pisces’ messages soak into everything it touches. They naturally find connection by offering compassion and kindness, and by being open and impressionable to the needs and affections of others. But mist makes life foggy and difficult to see through. Similarly, this openness can be so intense that Pisces feels others’ emotions as if their own. Therefore they may struggle with boundaries, be overly gullible, or be deeply disheartened.

To cope, process these foggy feelings through art, music, or other spiritual practices. The arts allow us to process experiences in an intimate way that moves beyond words and logic, instead prioritizing feelings, physicality, and sensory intuitions.

For example, recall when you listen to your favorite song, one you uniquely connect with feel throughout your body; this can become a spiritually transcendent experience that pulls us away from our feeling of separation and towards connection with ourselves, others, and the collective whole. Here we live both within and outside the physical world.

To further prioritize this collective connection, align yourself to the continuous energy of Neptune in Pisces (until June 30) and Saturn in Aquarius (until March 7) energy. I’ve mentioned these subtle but powerful transits before, the end of the Astrological year offers another great opportunity to work with them. Neptune and Saturn bring enlightening, healing, and wisdom through your intuitions, dreams, and higher consciousness.

Meditate and let go of that which does not lend itself to your higher consciousness, so you may only bring kindness, healing, and love to the collective new year. When we let go, accept difficult situations, and handle them with mindfulness, we draw in peace in order to send love out to the world again.

The Full Moon in Virgo (March 7) grounds are intentions and bring wisdom to light. Embody your inherent self-worth. And in tandem with Pisces season, find harmony between effort and surrender.

The Earth sign Virgo hones its energy through physical healing and disciplined self-improvement. Again to focus on balance— in practicality and intuition, work and service, logic and emotions, criticism and acceptance. Ask yourself: What is out of balance in your life? Where can you use practical and tangible skills for spiritual growth?

The Virgo Full Moon invites us to build systems, habits, routines, and behaviors to help us be emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually in balance. You may work on maintaining boundaries, being adaptable, and healing from judgment, especially self-judgment.

By releasing self-judgment, we can better overcome the vices of Pisces: indifference, instability, disheartening, and fatigue. Virgo brings much-needed structure to Pisces’ wandering nature. Remember without boundaries and discernment, compassion and empathy are of no use.

Lifestyle author and coach Kiran Singh writes, “Your life is not a destination to arrive at. It’s an unfolding. And so let it unfold. Let yourself be led to the next exciting thing. Let yourself release all the magic, miracles, blessings, and lessons that can find their way to you. Let go. Trust in doing so, you end up exactly where you are meant to be.”

This Pisces season we learn how to maintain a structure and identity that allows our wisdom to flow toward our collective destiny. We find culmination and closure, which creates a portal to a new dimension— the next stage of life. Here we honor and offer peace, joy, and love to endings and beginnings.

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