Prepare for College Admission Testing – Tips for Home Study

PrepVantage, the online tutoring and test prep book publishing company, is sharing with Woman Around Town readers their company’s tips for high school students to prepare for SAT and ACT college admission testing while they are at home.

The College Board has recently announced some changes to their upcoming schedules. While the June 2020 test date has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the company plans to make monthly testing, possibly online, available starting in August.  As always, tests will be administered securely, and it is being reported that there will be little or no changes to the overall formatting.  For students that plan to take tests in the late summer and the fall, here are some ideas that can easily be accomplished so that students can be ready and relaxed for the exams.  

-Practice math problems especially those that are your weakest ones.  Do these by topic like algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and data analysis. 

-Read, read, and read to improve your comprehension skills.  Short stories, science articles, and historical passages are found on the tests. 

-Play vocabulary games to keep your verbal skills sharp. 

-Accomplish some writing practice. Write paragraphs that summarize and analyze a persuasive article you have read. 

-Do word problems. Spend time getting comfortable with word problems.  There are lots of them on the test. 

-Learn a new word a day. Simply use a dictionary and find a word that you don’t know. Use it in a sentence. 

-Take a full practice test on a Saturday morning at a desk in a quiet place.  Time it accurately. Doing this a few times over the next few months. The outcome lets you know your strengths and weaknesses and your scoring range. 

-Take advantage of test preparation resources that are readily available like practice books, online quizzes, and tutoring. 

Some colleges have announced that they are suspending standardized test scores for applicants, but this is by no means universal. The tests will continue and be required for many educational institutions. So get ready to test and good luck!

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