Respectful Culture: Civility in Chains, Violence Unleased

By Karetta Hubbard, Lynne Revo-Cohen, and Gwen Crider, NewPoint Strategies is a nationally recognized consulting firm assisting companies and organizations manage High Risk EEO issues.

Gwen Crider, an internationally recognized Diversity expert, has been writing about, teaching and implementing successful diversity initiatives for more than twenty years.  Follows are her thoughts about the importance of understanding Diversity and Inclusion both personally and in the workplace.

Who gave permission to incite violence, to send explosive devices through the mail, and kill people?

At the beginning of the week two African Americans were killed at a Kroger grocery store parking lot in Kentucky after the gunman tried to enter a predominantly black church nearby in search of potential victims.  Pipe bombs were hand-delivered and/or sent through the mail to prominent democratic leaders and activists.  Then eleven people were killed in a synagogue shooting in Pittsburg, demonstrating the audacity of individuals who feel entitled to violently act out their most heinous thoughts. 

We asked our Thought Leader Gwen Crider to weigh in and let us know what is happening to the united states. 

Violence directed at “the other”, fueled by fear and hatred, has long been a part of the fabric of this country.  But, there is no denying that hate and violence are on the rise.  The question of the day is why?  The answer is not a simple one; to my mind, there are many factors that have contributed, and will continue to contribute, to a divisive, hate-filled culture where violence is not only tolerated but promoted.  These factors include:

  • Justification of easy access to military-type weapons designed specifically to kill “enemies” as a Constitutional right,
  • Religious leaders who justify and condone immoral behavior in order to achieve a “higher good”,
  • “Leaders – from the President of the United States to state and local elected officials to corporate leaders – who encourage violence, voice support for hate organizations, suggest that the answer to violence is more violence (e.g. arming teachers or putting armed guards in places of worship) and demonize “the other” who dares to offer a different point of view; and,
  • Wide-spread dissemination of messages of hate and intolerance through the media and, in some instances, to do so anonymously on social media.There is one other critically important factor and it brings to mind the quote The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men (people) should do nothing”.  

Too many good people have been silent as violence has been building over many years.  Perhaps we’ve felt overwhelmed.  Perhaps we’ve felt powerless to create change.  Perhaps we’ve chosen to view the problem as an attitude of only a small percentage of citizens. 

However, great change has only happened when individuals have stepped up to the plate and refused to accept the status quo.  We have an opportunity to do that now by voting in the upcoming elections and, I hope we will, one by one, seize the opportunity and responsibility to say “no more.”

Karetta Hubbard and Lynne Revo-Cohen, co-founders of NewPoint Strategies provide Next Generation consulting, classroom and on-line digital learning solutions in High Risk EEO issues including diversity/inclusion/unconscious bias, harassment and assault prevention. TRAINING. EMPOWING. EDUCATING. Creating SAFE SPACES at Work.

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