Safety Tips for Using Ridesharing Services

Before you queue up the app for your next ride, it’s important to have some knowledge that can help prevent an unwanted, even dangerous, situation. Below are a few safety tips from Krav Maga Worldwide, an industry leader in self-defense and safety, that can help ensure you have a safe trip. 

  • Double check and then check again. When you call for a ride-sharing service you are provided with the driver’s first name, photo, license plate number, picture of the vehicle and the driver’s rating. Don’t skim past this information. It’s important to check out what other users have said about the driver, but even more important make sure you get into the correct vehicle. There have been numerous news reports of people pretending to be ride-sharing drivers and assaulting the unsuspecting victims they pick up. 
  • Stay aware. Make sure you know the route the driver should take to get you to your destination. If the driver starts going in a direction that doesn’t make sense, point that out immediately, address it with the driver and then take action, even if that means terminating the ride.
  • Car etiquette. Make sure you sit in the back seat. It provides immediate distance and a reactionary gap in case something happens. Once you get in the car and shut the door, before the driver even leaves try to re-open the door.  You will learn whether the child safety locks are engaged. You want to be able to open your own door should you need to leave the vehicle.
  • Have someone keep tabs on you. Through the ride-sharing app you can provide family and friends with your driver’s information along with your route and ETA. This information can be lifesaving in the event something does occur on your ride. Those you sent the information to will realize that something is wrong when you aren’t at the destination at the time indicated. 
  • When push comes to shove. You have got to be the biggest, loudest problem for the driver if they decide to get handsy or do something else to make you feel uncomfortable. Gouge eyes, kick and punch fiercely, grab objects or people within your reach, and most importantly make a scene using your voice by yelling as loud as possible to draw attention.
  • Don’t second guess yourself. If you have a bad feeling, no matter how small it might be, ask to be let out at the next store or public area. If the worst comes to worst, immediately dial 911 for help. 

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Top photo: Bigstock