Shopping for Quality is a Must for Baby Products

When it comes to shopping for your baby, making sure you buy the highest quality products from the best stores and suppliers is not only a matter of pride – it can be a matter of safety as well. There are several considerations to take into account when purchasing supplies or toys for your baby.

High Quality – A Must

When you are buying for your baby, it is important to find a store that provides high quality, highly tested toys. One of the biggest problems with baby toys has been the existence of lead within the products. While most of the lead poisoning that occurs in children is a result of lead based paint, a ban was put in place in 1978. Despite the ban, 25 percent of U.S. homes with children under the age of six still contain lead-based paint. According to WebMD, one of the most disturbing trends as of late has been the fact that 30 percent of childhood lead poisoning cases have not been from paint, but from lead in toys and jewelry. It is recommended that parents regularly check the CPSC recall list at and then return or discard any items deemed unsafe.


As any new parent will tell you, diapers pose another problem. There are good diapers on the market, and there are bad diapers, and knowing the difference between them can present a bit of a challenge. Diapers are made to hold liquid; the outer lining is often made from a polyethylene film, a petroleum-based product, which is the same material found in plastic wrap. There are some diapers that are considered “green” and use a vegetable based bio plastic instead of petroleum. If you are concerned about the materials used to make your child’s diapers be sure to check the material list on the package. A diaper’s inner lining may contain polypropylene, a material often found in thermal underwear. While fine for young skin, there are other agents added to diapers like vitamin E and skin friendly compounds that will actually help to decrease the chances of diaper rash.

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The vast majority of diapers are safe, but when you are buying, it is strongly recommended that you check the ingredients, and that you consider using a safer alternative than the typical disposable diaper. Some people use cloth diapers, but they require time that many young parents don’t have. Whatever type of diaper you chose for your child, always consider the source and ingredients when you are buying.

Going for the Best Price

Buying the best for your child does not always have to be expensive, but it is often not cheap. Price is always something to consider. Cheaply made products will have their own set of consequences, such as sharp edges or breakable parts. You never know what dangers might lurk in inexpensive products and for this reason it might be best for you to start buying online.

Internet based purchases have their benefits. Research is much easier, and you will have access to a much greater range of stock. The discounts are there, the stock is there, and most importantly, you will have access to discussion forums with other parents that will help you to make the best possible decision. Many of the best on-line baby stores, like the Honest Company, provide some of the greenest, most natural, baby products. Start shopping now and give your child the advantage they need and the safe toys they want.