Snow Birds

To millions of people, when they hear the term “snow bird,” it conjures up images of Disney World, the beaches, an escape from the frigid north to warm weather and all that goes with it.  But there is a whole other meaning associated with snow bird. 
 Millions of exotic birds make Florida their temporary home while migrating between North and South America.  Indeed, snow birds have created a whole new industry of bird watchers and photographers, whose sole purpose in visiting Florida is to photograph the stunning winged creatures, often in their full mating feathers and behaviors, making them a far greater source of entertainment than any of the state’s renown theme parks.  
 My wife, Niki, and I have semi-joined the ranks of the latter, as twice in the last three years we have traveled to Florida to visit friends and have taken advantage of their proximity to some of the country’s greatest rookeries (nesting spots).  
(True confessions—on each of our trips south, we have timed them to coincide with that other right of passage for “snow birds”– Spring Training for Major League Baseball and attending at least one game of the team that captures my heart—the New York Yankees.)
The following links to my website include photos of many of the birds we saw during our last two trips to Florida. Click here and here.