Taurus Season: Plant Your Seeds

“I let myself align with the healing heartbeat of the Earth. I move in harmony with all of nature.”

Let’s return our minds to the rural, agricultural life when people relied heavily on the land. Family farms grew native crops for food and sale; knowledgeable and deeply in tune with the cycles of nature. For farmers, a fertile growing season in Spring promised a bountiful harvest later. Their connection with the land was essential to life— determining wealth or poverty, life or death.

They cared deeply for the land they worked. Knowing that by giving to the land it would generously give back.

Today many of us are disconnected from this natural growing cycle. Agrotechnology, global agriculture, and mechanical food production have almost eliminated the ideas of native growing seasons and local crops. This is not all bad, but worth noting how much we’ve become accustomed to instant gratification, overwhelming options, and a disconnection from nature.

Taurus season (April 19-May 20) reminds us of our ecological, ethical, and even spiritual responsibility to reestablish that connection.

We all know the rhyme: “April showers bring May flowers.” This month the Earth is preparing itself for the growing season. The last frost has passed, and fresh rains renew the soil. Gardens are ready to be tilled, plentiful and fertile with nutrients.

This is where Taurus’ energy culminates— in the fertile Spring soil.

Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign, harnessing and stabilizing the power of the material world. Grounded, fertile, and regenerative energy!

Taurus is symbolized by the Bull, specifically the horns of the Bull. These beautiful animals’ horns showcase their strength and power, their ability to do long and hard work year after year. In farming, bulls were primarily used to pull the field plows. Farmers respected the bull’s power, knowing they couldn’t be so easily manipulated like other animals. Bulls are smart, strong, and stubborn. Seldom whipped, farmers allowed these animals to work at their own pace. They knew a healthy, strong bull could bring great profit.

I love how author Chani Nicholas words it: “Taurus’s magic might be slow, but it is also stubbornly strong. Taurus cannot be pushed, forced, or hurried. Nature doesn’t rush, and neither does this bull.”

Previously Aries season ignited an inner spark of energy, confidence, and inspiration. But great ideas are just in your head without tangible action. Taurus season invites us to harness and ground these ideas into purposeful action. Making them secure and steady plans for the future.

We can begin tilling the fertile soil— planting our seeds for success. Again reconnect with the olden days where farming was a slower process; one done with patience and dedication to the pace of nature. Plow the soil, wait for the rain, plant the seeds, allow them to bud, tend the weeds, and trust that working alongside the rhythms of life your garden will grow.

April 30th is the New Moon in Taurus. As always a New Moon invites us to let go of negativity and reset our intentions for the coming month.

Ask yourself: “Where do I want to see material growth in my life?”

Different from emotional or spiritual growth, being an Earth sign “material growth” is an important distinction for Taurus season. As mentioned, having a fertile start to the growing season promised wealth for farmers for the year to come. So too, should you focus on how to cultivate sustainable, steady growth in your material life— your finances, your home, your hobbies, your food, your art, or your family.

This is a great time for financial planning and saving. Begin long-term projects like a hobby or art piece. Try Redecorating your home, daily cooking or baking, gardening, a self-care routine, or weekly activity with loved ones.

The shadow side of Taurus energy is known for materialism, overindulging in luxury, and procrastination. Avoid this by ensuring your New Moon intentions are treating yourself to things that bring you sustainable pleasure, purposeful routine, and secure growth— not instant gratification and stubborn superficial desires!

These intentions come to a culmination on May 15th, the Full Moon in Scorpio. Scorpio is a Water sign that represents the complex, deep emotions that steep within us. This may seem very different from Taurus but its shadows are similar: stubborn, possessive, overindulgent, and reclusive.

This highlights a delicate balance to be aware of within us; thankfully the Full Moon is a great time of clarity! Reflect if these negative traits are coming through. You may ask yourself: How can I fulfill my personal needs and move at my own pace while not spoiling myself? What is the long-term or greater purpose of my work? How can I share my resources and gifts with others?

This Full Moon also aligns with a Lunar Eclipse. Many believe the eclipse to be a portal to higher consciousness; opening a veil between realms— Heaven and Earth, mind and body, living and dead, natural and spiritual realm. Some cultures believe the eclipse breaks a barrier allowing us to feel connected with our ancestors and those who have passed on. Others feel a heightened sense of intuition, seeking deeper meaning in dreams. Research if your culture or religion has any traditions, stories, or beliefs relating to eclipses.

Whatever that belief may be, eclipses create a beautiful illusion of the Sun, Moon, and Earth; representing an unblocking and breaking of the normal cycles. This is a great time to reflect deeply on how your physical, emotional, and spiritual worlds can become unrestricted, morphing together and aligned to a greater purpose.

While we are called to deep reflections above, now is the time for rejuvenation on Earth! Remain grounded— cultivating the resources around you to grow in balanced, sustainable abundance.

Remember, a bull knows when to work and when to rest.

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