The Most Overlooked Destinations In New York City

Being the City That Never Sleeps, it makes sense that New York has a lot to offer. No one could ever experience everything that New York brings to the world, but locals have no excuse not to try!

Sure, you don’t want to mingle with the countless tourists at the usual locations, but that’s no reason not to get out and explore the amazing city we live in. No matter what you’re into, there’s obviously a huge amount for you to do and experience.

So for all the history buffs, hipsters, adrenaline junkies and art appreciators, here are some of the best lesser-known attractions that you may not have tried.

Experience pre-war America in the Woolworth Building

Where is it? 233 Broadway, Manhattan, 10007

What is it? One of New York’s twenty tallest buildings

Everyone goes to the Empire State Building, Chrysler and One World Trade Centre. That’s why heading to Woolworth Tower is a great idea; we bet you’ve never been and you’re missing out!

This 100-year-old building was the tallest in the world when it was completed before World War I, and it was opened by President Woodrow Wilson. You can tour the lobby for free, checking out one of the city’s most historic skyscrapers.

Get a boatload of military and industrial history at BLDG 92

Where is it? 63 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, 11205

What is it? An awesome museum of New York’s shipbuilding industry

History buffs and military fans shouldn’t spend a day in New York City without heading to Brooklyn to check out the awesome museum located in a former military residence in Brooklyn Navy Yard.

During the Second World War, this former shipbuilding centre employed nearly 70,000 people and now maintains several fascinating exhibits. Some of the US Navy’s most powerful World War II vessels were born here, including USS Monitor and USS Arizona.

Find the far east in Queens by visiting Flushing’s Chinatown

Where is it? Flushing, Queens

What is it? The original Queens Chinatown

Originally a satellite of Manhattan’s more famous Chinatown, Flushing’s own taste of the east is a must-see for New Yorkers looking to try something different. Of all the Chinatowns in New York City, this might be a standout one.

It’s renowned for its affordable and fantastic street food, which showcases all forms of Chinese cuisine from spicy Sichuan to hot and sour Hunan.

Have a James Bond evening at Resorts World Casino

Where is it? 110-00 Rockway Blvd, Jamaica, 11420

What is it? New York’s best and biggest casino

Anyone in New York can experience a James Bond evening of glitz, glamour and gambling. Resorts World Casino New York City is a fantastic casino owned by the world-renowned Genting Group, which naturally makes it one of the best casinos on the east coast.

There are a huge number of games available to play, from baccarat to blackjack to slots. Of course, if you’re not entirely sure what your favourite game is then it’s easy to try out some games for free by playing on your mobile.

Get down with the hipsters without becoming one at Secret Loft

Where is it? 255 McKibbin St, Brooklyn, 11237

What is it? A not-so-secret and not-so-pop-up party venue

All-night parties in secret locations with addresses exclusively sent out to members are the latest thing in the clubbing scene, but maybe you can’t be bothered to deal with all that. Secret Loft understands.

If you want the atmosphere and excitement of an illegal warehouse rave or a pop-up party without the hassle of breaking the law or finding a hidden location, then Secret Loft is for you. It keeps that awesome under-the-radar vibe but takes place regularly at the same venue.

Have a religious architectural experience at St John’s Cathedral

Where is it? 104 Amsterdam Ave, 10025

What is it? The fourth-largest Christian church in the world

The Cathedral of St John the Divine stands out in a city known for its churches. Begun in 1892, it’s nicknamed the Cathedral of St John the Unfinished because it is technically incomplete. This gives us a fascinating look at a timeline of construction styles and architecture throughout the years.

Those of a non-religious bent will still be amazed at the designs and styles of the building, and it boasts a gigantic 600-foot art studio that regularly hosts some truly unique art exhibitions.

Opening photo of the Woolworth Building: Bigstock by Shutterstock