Tips for Successfully Working From Home

PrepVantage is an online tutoring and test prep book publishing company in the NY metro area with students and customers worldwide. They produce books, lessons, and encourage their students to excel. PrepVantage has a staff that includes freelancers and contractors who have worked remotely since it was established in 2017.  The company shares some strategies for being productive when working from home during the Covid-19 outbreak.


Rise and Shine – Even if you don’t have a morning conference call or a specific deadline, get up the same time every day as if you are going into the office.  This will help to regulate the expenditure of your time.

Coffee is not your best friend – Simply stated, don’t overdue.  Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more throughout the day to keep your energy level at max.

Respect Breaks – In an office setting, people often chat with their co-workers during break time. Take 10 minutes to call a friend and find out how they are doing.  An AM and PM break is suggested.

Lunchtime, YAY – This may become an important part of your work routine.  Schedule at least a half an hour for lunch and plan to eat something you enjoy that is nutritious.

Stop Scrolling – Check your social media feeds at a specific, regular time rather than constantly being sidetracked and scrolling.  Unless social media is an integral part of your job, it can waste a lot of time.


Establish a Workspace – Spreading out papers on the couch while working on your laptop is unlikely to give you a productive workspace.  Plan a specific area in the home where your computer, paperwork, files, and communication tools are at hand.

Stay on Top of Conferencing – Use your conference time with customers and associates productively.  Plan your group conferences, phone or video calls in advance.  Avoid a lot of chatting and focus on business.

Keep your web site current – Customers and business associates need to be in the know.  Make sure that your site is always up to date.

Above All Else, Congratulate Yourself – Working in a home space can be challenging.  You can do it.  The flow of work will continue at a fine rate when you develop a good grasp on the logistics.

We hope that these tips are helpful during these unprecedented times.  The PrepVantage staff has been able to use them successfully to grow and develop their tutoring and publishing business.

Top photo: Bigstock