Tips for Wearing Makeup While Wearing a Mask

According to the experts, it appears that we will be wearing masks for a while longer. And now that many of us are vaccinated, we are able to get out more to see family and friends. I wanted to share with you some makeup tricks that will prevent the embarrassment of removing your mask only to find that your face has been transferred to the inside of this face covering.

Let’s begin with your moisturizer. Avoid those that are greasy and heavy. Instead, find a hydrating one that is well-absorbed.

Select a foundation that won’t easily rub off. Dermablend has a wide selection of foundations in many shades and degrees of coverage. Bear in mind, the heavier the coverage, the more risk of it showing up on the inside of your mask. 

Next, select an under eye concealer, one that is not too light, just a shade lighter than your foundation, to avoid an owl effect. Also, choose a lip liner, preferably one that will match your lipstick.

Now, powder ALL – your foundation, under eye concealer and lip liner, with a translucent, non-creasing powder. I like either Dermablend or Physicians Formula translucent powders. Both also have sunscreen. 

Select a Cover Girl 24-hour lipstick and apply it over your powdered lips. I find this brand much less drying, and it stays on all day, even through mask and meals. Do not apply the gloss that accompanies it or any gloss! Doing so will defeat the purpose of the long wearing lipstick, as it will no longer be friction proof. 

Now that your foundation is set, you are ready for your blush. If you use a cream blush, apply that before powdering. If you prefer a powder blush, apply it now, lightly. It is best to use a shade darker so you can use less of it. 

Here is the fun part! It is all about the eyes!

Be sure your brows are shaped and cleaned up before you apply a waterproof brow powder. Apply an eyeshadow primer. Add a waterproof eyeliner if you have the skill to do so. Maybelline has two different eyeshadow palettes that I love. One is warm, the other is cool. 

Here are some questions that will help you select the most flattering palette, for you. 

Do you look better in white-white or ivory? If white-white is too strong for you, and ivory makes your skin appear creamier, you may want to lean toward the warm palette. 

If you look better in burgundy than rust, you may want to lean toward the cool palette. 

Select one of the light shades for your top eyelids. Avoid selecting a shade with too much frost. It can be aging since it shows every crease in the eyelid. A matte shadow or a low frost can be most flattering. 

Take one of the darker shades and apply it along the crease of your top eyelids and outward, slightly beyond the outside corner of your eyes. This is referred to as an Angel Wing. Blend this with your applicator until it appears like a soft shadow. This gives your eyes more interest and a smoky look, while still being appropriate for daytime. 

For a great finishing touch of eyeshadow, choose one of the brightest colors in the palette and apply it in the upper, inner corner of your eyes and then, across the bottom eyelids, right under your lashes.

Finish your eyes with a waterproof mascara. Voluminous, waterproof mascara, is still in the lead, with both lay people and professional makeup artists. It removes easily with warm water and mild soap or an oil-based cleanser. (See my story on mascaras.)

Outbreaks of acne or “maskne,” are quite common. Various rashes can also appear from wearing a mask, as they create the perfect breeding ground. Removing all traces of makeup before bed and changing pillowcases nightly is a good practice. Trying various mask materials can help. Cotton masks may give some relief, since they can be washed daily, although they may require a medical grade mask worn over them. For more serious skin outbreaks, see your dermatologist.

Rose Marie Beauchemin-Verzella is CEO, Director of Education, Beau Institute of Permanent and Corrective Makeup. For more information, go to the website.

Top photo: Bigstock