Virgo Season: Return To Form

“The most perfect thing I can achieve is my devotion to my process.”

When I think of Virgo season I think “back to school.” Summer is ending, and because the days are becoming shorter, we must be more discerning about how we spend our time. Our schedules are no longer full of outdoor plans, parties, and vacations, but once again revolve around work, school, housekeeping, extracurricular activities, community services, and our close family relationships. While this might not be the most fun and carefree of times, we can take advantage of this structure to guide the remainder of the year.

So together we continue our collective and personal journeys of healing and self-discovery as the Sun moves into Virgo (August 23-September 22).

Virgo season brings us back to Earth. This energy is honed in practicality, discernment, and self-improvement. We ground ourselves in life’s daily structure, routine, and disciplined responsibilities.

Virgo, a mutable Earth sign, disperses skills and clears systems. A mutable sign’s role is to transport us from one season to another; encouraging us to let go and prepare for something new. Virgo, of course, transitions us from Summer to Autumn. Also being an Earth sign, this transition manifests in the tangible and defined aspects of life: creative skills, hobbies, domestic work, agriculture, finances, diet, and physical health.

We can see this season as a time to prepare for the next chapter of growth.

Virgo has a remarkable ability to use the systems and structures in place to level up. They are hierarchical in this sense— sometimes overly valuing status and labels. Virgo never stops at “good enough.” They believe everything can be refined if willing to do the work. This energy allows them to reach new levels of self-knowledge, a mastery of technical and creative skills, and culminating resources for the service of the self and others. Virgo utilizes self-discipline to follow each step in place to reach their goals.

Align with Virgo’s energy to understand the work needed to reach your own goals of growth, healing, and advancement. Find conscious self-analysis and self-improvement for the betterment of self!

The Virgin Goddess symbolizes the archetype of Virgo. Today the label “virgin” is crippled by sexist ideology and other socialized concepts. But the original title is defined as one who lives independently for themselves— belonging to one’s self. Astrologer Tanaaz Chubb writes, “The Virgin Goddess is really a symbol of wholeness. She is whole and complete in herself. She is full and satisfied in her being. She is the source of her own wisdom. The Virgin Goddess reminds us to activate our own inner power and to remember that all we need can be found from within.”

Ask yourself: How can you embody your wholeness of self; finding your own innate and inner power?

Virgo’s Earth energy gives us a transformative period to begin new routines, build systems, and develop behaviors to further our intentions. When consciously applied, our daily choices become habits, our habits become routine, and our routines bring positive change and results which encourages and motivates us. While it may be difficult at first, tuning into Virgo’s dedicated, hardworking, and self-healing energy can keep you going.

The Virgin Goddess is a healer at heart. Intuitive and self-guiding, she eliminates flaws, solves problems, and clears systems. This work brings about uninhibited, fresh beginnings! This New Moon by stepping into this healing role you’ll be creating positive, tangible results for practical use to serve the wholeness of yourself.

Ask yourself: What is the next level you want to reach in your chosen intention? What systems and tools are in place to support you? How can you build a routine to fulfill tangible outcomes?

Mercury Retrograde (September 9-October 10) brings distortions in communication and mental processing. This Retrograde may amplify Virgo’s vices of perfectionism, harsh self-criticism, and judgemental attitudes.

Remember, we are often the biggest critics of ourselves. Be patient with yourself and with others. Shift the judgments and criticisms to be more constructive; notice your shortcomings, accept them, and be forgiving and empathetic by making conscious choices to work on these flaws. Holistic psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera writes, “Obsessive perfectionism is a trauma response… To heal, we have to stop being a critical parent to ourselves. We need to have courage to make mistakes. When we expect to be perfect we rob ourselves of our humanity. Perfection is a conditioned illusion. Rather than seeking perfection, seek to keep moving. To keep going. To keep learning. This is called courage.”

Notice where and when you are most meticulous, judgemental, and critical— of yourself and of others. Maybe this is an area you can begin to allow yourself and others to make mistakes and practice more compassion?

This transformative energy culminates at the Full Moon in Pisces (September 10). Pisces is a mutable Water sign, dispersing dreams and visions for deep awakening and renewal. Earth Virgo’s serious, logical, and structured energy is balanced by Water Pisces’ sensitive, creative, and imaginative nature.

Let this Pisces Full Moon illuminate your inner wisdom, desires, creativity, and dreams. Like the Moon with patience and trust, we can grow into complete light!

This season, we return to form. Returning not only to our obligations, disciplines, and curriculums but to ourselves. But our responsibilities do not have to be a burdening effort, we have the power to consciously find purpose, joy, and healing in all we do— creating transformative meaning for ourselves.

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