War Memorials in New York City

On Memorial Day – or at any time – we can pay homage to those who died in past wars by visiting and learning more about the war memorials throughout New York City. Here are photos of just a few which you may have passed by numerous times, but never stopped to learn more about the heroes depicted. (Above: Korean War Memorial.)

Grant`s Tomb honors America`s 18th president, Ulyssess S. Grant in Upper Manhattan, New York City, USA.
William Sherman memorial in New York City on the corner of Central Park South by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. William Sherman was a United States general who served in the American Civil War.
Vietnam Veterans Plaza in Manhattan. Also known as New York Vietnam Veterans Memorial, it is a memorial plaza in Battery Park, New York.
Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn commemorating the Union Victory during the Civil War.
Bronx Victory Memorial in Pelham Bay Park commemorating 947 soldiers from the Bronx who gave their lives in service during World War I.

All photos: Bigstock