We’re Still Here

This year’s Women’s March in New York was blessed with beautiful, sunny weather, after days of brutal cold. It made all of us feel as though someone was smiling down on us — more than 200,000 of us.

Last year, women were angry and stunned.  This year, it seemed, there was also lots of humor, lots of intergenerational
solidarity, lots of husbands and boyfriends, and lots of diversity. As one of the signs put it, “We’re Still Here,” and
we aren’t going away.

Marches are inspirational for the marchers. It binds like minded people together. It makes us feel powerful. This year, it became clearer than ever that women remain politically energized and active. We are engaged and focused like a
laser beam on overturning the nation’s Republican Congress in 2018. Getting out the vote is the key to that, and women are
becoming the driving force to increased voter registration.

Last year may have been the year of Trump, but 2018 may prove to be the Year of Progressive Women in Politics. To
everyone marching, it sure felt that way.

Text and Photos by Eleanor Foa Dienstag

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