Winter Blooms – Keep Your Eyes Open for Flowers in the Great Outdoors

While it may seem like winter is coming to a close, there may likely be some cold weather ahead. It’s fascinating to learn about flowers that erupt in winter and bring color and beauty to the season. When visiting natural areas and outdoor gardens, keep your eyes open for flowering plants that don’t hide from freezing temperatures. Some of these can also be added to your garden areas for an extra bit of winter cheer. Here are just a few of the ones that can commonly be seen in the Northeastern United States.

Hellibore (above) – This beautiful perennial can bloom as early as January and the blossoms may remain until March. They like partial shade and can usually be found in hues of deep pink or white. Hellibore can be planted in pots or in gardens for special winter beauty. 

Witch Hazel – The Witch Hazel is a deciduous shrub or tree that can grow as tall as 20 feet. Their sweetly scented flowers can be seen in late fall, early winter and may be viewed throughout the winter depending on where they grow. There are a variety of Witch Hazels with flowers of different colors and shapes.

Giant Snowdrop – These white flowers that grow from bulbs are known to pop up in late winter reaching through a snowfall in the coldest of temperatures. They have droopy yet delicate white flowers that contrast with their thin green stems. You may be surprised to see Snowdrops forming a white blanket in a forest environment.

Winter Aconite – This tuberous perennial bursts through the ground even before any crocuses. Their bright yellow flowers are cup shaped that contrast against their rich green leaves. They grow well in woodland settings and rock gardens. Though the flower is larger, they look a little like Buttercups.

Now that you know, explore and keep your eyes open for winter blooms. 

Photos by Marina P. Kennedy

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