Delirium’s Daughters – A Dilemma

Love is a madness; if thwarted it develops fast…Mark Twain

Everyone who watches television or reads the newspaper should be required to see Delirium’s Daughters. It is a splendid antidote to all the disaster, gloom and doom with which we are confronted daily.

Set in Italy in the 1700s and based in part on Commedia dell’Arte, it may require an adjustment to language and style. This happens automatically in, at most, two minutes.

Delirium2The plot is a simple one–the proposed marriage of three daughters. The complications…ah, the complications. The writer, Nicholas Korn has skillfully created a clever and thoroughly entertaining play which is directed with imagination and expertise by Kathleen Butler.

The cast, in its entirety, is truly amazing, each member possessing an abundance of talent and the skill required to create an individual and clearly defined character. Somehow what could have been simply caricatures become people we really care about. The three daughters are flawlessly portrayed by Stephanie Nicole Kelley (Marina), Deanna Gibson (Teresa), and Kerry Frances (Celia).

Their father, splendidly played by Branislav Tomich, is given to having lengthy conversations with his dead wife and consulting her on all issues. He insists that she does not wish the daughters to marry. Daughters and suitors feel otherwise!

Delirium3The suitors, which to considerable extent may be defined by their names, are Serio (Evan Zimmerman), Pomposa (Jackson Thompson), Timidio (Brandon Beilis) and Giovio (Nick Bombicino). You will note that there are four suitors and only three daughters.

All is enhanced with delightful and appropriate support by Jamie Nicole Larson (Costume and Prop Design), Sam Kusnetz (Sound Design), and Alana Jacoby (Lighting Design).

The production is filled with an abundance of very funny laugh-out-loud situations. In one such scene, the suitors appear disguised as their mothers replete with wigs and wardrobe and, falsely presented by a competitor as a famous opera diva, one suitor is coerced into singing the opening of an aria. There is a duel, a possible murder, a ghost and much more.

You will have to go see the show to find out for yourself the outcome of the mayhem. And see it you must. You will leave a happier and better adjusted individual and much more equipped to deal with the news of the day.

Photos by Jamie Nicole Larson
1. Stephanie Nicole Kelley (Marina), Branislav Tomich (Di Lirio), Deanna Gibson (Terresa), Jackson Thompson (Pomposa) and Kerry Frances (Celia).
2. Brandon Beilis (Timidio), Evan Zimmerman (Serio) and Nick Bombicino (Giovio).
3. Deanna Gibson (Terresa), Evan Zimmerman (Serio), Jackson Thompson (Pomposa), Kerry Frances (Celia), Stephanie Nicole Kelley (Marina) and Brandon Beilis (Timidio)

Delirium’s Daughters
Presented by Triumvirate Artists
Studio Theatre at Theatre Row
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Thursday, March 12, Friday, March 13 at 8 p.m. and Saturday, March 14 at 2 p.m.
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