Everyone Knows an Alison: Pretty Little Liars

If the season two finale of Pretty Little Liars left fans shouting at the television screen for more, the wait is almost over. After numerous twisting story lines to get to the bottom of a lethal mystery, the identity of “A” either confirmed our suspicions or caught us by surprise. If you have no idea who “A” is, or what kind of show Pretty Little Liars has become, rest assured, it isn’t too late to get entangled in the web that leaves residents of a tight town either missing or dead.

Perhaps your town somewhat resembles the fictitious town of Rosewood, a small Pennsylvania community with classy houses, cozy coffee shops and the typical hard working residents. The disappearance of sixteen-year-old Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse), however, disturbed this quiet town. Alison was the blonde, stunning popular girl who all girls wanted to be and every guy wanted to date. Alison walked around campus with her own four-girl clique, who made up the Pretty Little Liar clan. (Haven’t we all, at one time in high school, dealt with an Alison-like clique leader and her followers?) The mistake made by these girls—Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields and Hanna Marin—was sharing details of their lives with a best friend.

Although the disappearance shook Rosewood, that event also freed her so-called friends from any crazy schemes Alison could have forced upon them. Their friendship with Alison appeared to be normal except when Alison pulled extravagant tests so the girls could prove their loyalty to her. However, their safe haven didn’t last very long after Alison went missing. A wide range of suspicious texts, letters and clues found its way to the four girls after their friend’s body was discovered. The mystery of who murdered Alison began.

Besides trying to solve the murder, the Pretty Little Liars continued to deal with the blackmail texts. Each message outlined a vicious scenario that each pretty liar needed to complete in order to keep damaging information about her life from leaking around town. Who but Alison would know these damaging details from each girl’s life? Some fans began to think that “A” could really be Alison.

How could a dead girl be the mastermind of all the havoc in Rosewood surrounding Hanna (Ashley Benson), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), and Aria (Lucy Hale)? The Pretty Little Liars have certainly felt the heat this mysterious antagonist has unleashed. Aria had to decide if she would be the one to come clean with her parents about her teacher/boyfriend relationship. Hanna needed to choose between following instructions when it came to stopping her own father from saying “I do” at the altar, or risk exposing further damaging secrets. Spencer needed to weigh between being honest with her sister Melissa about her feelings for Melissa’s fiancé or forever ruining their bond. Emily battled to remain on the school swim team to earn a scholarship, but “A”’s attempt to drug Emily with growth hormones could possibly end up tarnishing Emily’s reputation.

All of these entrapments seem to trail back to their instigator friend Alison who knows everything there is to know about the Pretty Liars. Unless that’s what the show wants us to believe. What if there is more than one “A” who is continuously torturing the Liars? This is where season three of Pretty Little Liars picks up, with the discovery of another close friend who could have been working with “A” the entire time.

So perhaps your town is similar to Rosewood or maybe it’s entirely different. Regardless, there’s always that pretty little liar lingering around. One of many mottos this show demonstrates? Hang onto your precious secrets before they’re exposed in the most precise method.

Season three of Pretty Little Liars begins Tuesday June 5th at 8/7c on ABC Family.