Family Equals Weakness in CW’s New Series The Originals

After four seasons of The Vampire Diaries, filled with loads of bloodshed and plot lines that featured humans transitioning into vampires or the bone breaking breed of werewolves, series creator Julie Plec makes a bold move with a spin off involving the Mikaelson Family, the world’s original vampires.

The Mikaelsons, a tight-knit family of eight, live in a small village in Europe during the 10th Century, the Vikings Era. While they live as humans, the family’s matriarch, Esther (Alice Evans), possesses a wicked power that only her husband Mikael (Sebastian Roche) knows about. When the Mikaelsons’ youngest child is murdered by werewolves, Esther, encouraged by her husband, uses her witchcraft to create a force that is able to subdue the werewolves.

Esther’s dark magic comes with a devastating price—it turns her family into murderous, bloodthirsty vampires. Klaus (Joseph Morgan), one of Esther’s children, suffers a different fate. After his first kill, Klaus, in front of his brother Elijah (Daniel Gillies), has his bones broken as he wails for help. His father knows exactly what is happening—Klaus, besides being a vampire, is also becoming a werewolf. Apparently Esther had an affair with a werewolf, making Klaus the half-sibling of Elijah and the rest of the family. Once Esther’s husband finds out about her indiscretion, he vows to make sure his disgraceful son can’t use his werewolf blood to cause the same grief the family endured with the death of the youngest.

Throughout the decades Klaus, Elijah, and their younger sister, Rebekah (Claire Holt), travel the country, never spending a lengthy period of time in a particular place as they hide from their controlling father. Elijah leads the group with wise words of family and loyalty. Rebekah loves and trusts too easily, often placing the brothers in danger against those who fight to destroy the rumors of immortals. And Klaus has no problem feasting on anyone who restricts him from seeking power. Because of his stepfather’s disinterest in him, Klaus for decades never saw family as his number one priority.

The siblings arriving in New Orleans, a place where they experience true happiness. Elijah, Rebekah, and Klaus take the struggling town and turn it into a lavish safe haven for all the super-mundane, befriending a naive young vampire, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), in the process. New Orleans residents live stylishly, but also are aware never to challenge the Mikaelsons. The three reign over the town and Klaus, in particular, knows what it’s like to be king. Their happiness will be shortlived: Mikael finds his children and any progress the siblings brought to New Orleans begins to disintegrate. Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah, are chased out of New Orleans by Mikael, leaving behind Marcel.

Several decades later, Klaus makes Mystic Falls, Virginia, his next place of “long-term” residency. However, when he arrives in town, all his siblings are in tombs, each sibling with a dagger in the heart to prevent complete vampire starvation. Klaus came to Mystic Falls with the sole purpose of rekindling his power, trying to figure out the werewolf curse his parents had suppressed. Klaus creates chaos for the residents of Mystic Falls, massacring 12 werewolves, betraying Elijah and Rebekah, and even falling in love. He leaves Mystic Falls to return to New Orleans, the place he truly calls home.

This part of the story was revealed in a backdoor plot as part of The Vampire Diaries. The new series picks up with a new king in charge of New Orleans, the Mikaelson’s friend, Marcel. He has rid the town of werewolves; only witches reside in New Orleans along with the vicious vampires. The head witch, Sophie (Daniella Pineda), blackmails Elijah and Klaus by linking her life to someone the brothers may come to love. During one of Klaus’ trysts, he impregnated a werewolf girl named Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin); something no one thought a non-living being could do. Elijah is able to convince the witches that Klaus will follow through with their plans to dismantle Marcel’s power to keep the child protected. Klaus, however, wants nothing to do with his child, instead obsessed with wresting control of the town away from Marcel. Elijah believes that Klaus may be redeemed by a child, a new start to what their family should have had, unconditional love.

If the Original vampires hope to take back New Orleans, Klaus has to obey Marcel’s rules. Elijah promises to stand by his brother; noting the vow the siblings made to each other a century ago. “Family is always and forever.” Klaus sees family differently and when he wants something, he understands that family is weakness. Marcel can use Elijah and Rebekah against Klaus. So Klaus does what he knows best, daggers Elijah in the heart, leaving his brother in magical limbo.

If family is weakness, will Klaus destroy his own child to ensure his reign into power won’t be derailed by Marcel? Note to all New Orleans residents: never stand too close to an Original. If Klaus has daggered his own siblings for more than 90 years, he’ll surely do it to you. Lets not forget the werewolf venom Klaus’ blood carries that will surely eat through any typical vampire.

The Originals airs on Tuesday nights on The CW at 8 p.m.