Hollywood’s Happily Ever After…. or Not

Our Golden Age of Hollywood quizzes continue with a subject that has always rocked the tabloids, love and marriage.  While many of the screen’s greatest stars had infamous reputations for their relationships, there are some little known facts that we have compiled.  How many do you know?  The answers with brief explanations are provided at the end.

1) Which starlet was married twice to the same husband?

Betty Grable

Lana Turner

Marlene Dietrich 

Heddy Lamar

2) Who holds the record for the most Hollywood marriages?

Cary Grant

Joan Collins

Richard Widmark

Zsa Zsa Gabor

3) What famous star was married to two different men that both had the first name Michael?

Joan Fontaine

Elizabeth Taylor

Donna Reed

Audrey Hepburn

4) Although his extramarital affairs were part of the rumor mill, he only had only one 57-year marriage.

James Cagney

Robert Mitchum 

Jimmy Stewart

Ernest Borgnine

5) While he was married five times, his first marriage was with a woman who was 17 years older and would advance his career.

Robert Ryan

Clark Gable

Orson Welles

George Raft

6) She was the maid of honor at the wedding for the woman who would later break up her marriage.

Bette Davis

Debbie Reynolds

Claudette Colbert

Jane Wyman

7) After one failed marriage, this famous actress had a lifelong partnership with one of her most frequent co-stars.

Olivia de Havilland

Katharine Hepburn

Greta Garbo

Loretta Young

8) After 20 years of marriage, this celebrity couple called it quits.

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz

Sir Lawrence Olivier and Vivien Leigh

Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor

Joan Crawford and Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

9) What famous bandleader had 8 wives including Ava Gardner and Evelyn Keyes?

Tommy Dorsey

Benny Goodman

Glenn Miller

Artie Shaw

This actress was married to Orson Welles before she married a prince.

Grace Kelly

Rita Hayworth

Rosalind Russell

Ann Sheridan


1) Lana Turner was married to Joseph Stephen Crane not just once but twice within a 2-year period.

2) Zsa Zsa Gabor had a total of 9 husbands. 

3) Elizabeth Taylor was married to Michael Wilding and Michael Todd. 

4) Robert Mitchum 

5) Clark Gable’s first wife was Josephine Dillon and they were married for 6 years. 

6) Debbie Reynolds was the matron of honor at Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd’s       wedding.  After Todd’s death, Taylor would have an affair with Reynold’s husband, Eddie Fisher and marry him.

7) Katharine Hepburn had a long-term partnership with Spencer Tracy who remained married to his first and only wife, Louise Treadwell.  

8)  Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz

9) Artie Shaw

10) Rita Hayworth was married to Orson Welles for 4 years before marrying Prince Aly Khan.

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