I Just Want To Tell Somebody – Noteworthy Theater

The return engagement of a piece of very fine theater. See performance information at end of review. Ronald “Smokey” Stevens’ one man tell-all is worth the trip downtown. The Washington, D.C. born artist, who began performing at his mother’s card parties at age ten, is a multi-talented thespian with a helluva history. Stevens sings, moves like a Motown star, regales us with history and anecdotes and runs film clips from past work. The actor is a dandy; intermittent descriptions of costume/physicality are immensely evocative. We ostensibly meet as he’s preparing for a show. This is not another and-then-I-performed-in piece. Throughout, the protagonist confronts a sinister, seductive, perpetually high alter ego he calls D-Man (demon) representing his drug addiction. “I met you when you had your first drink, cigarette and weed. We go waaay back,” the cocky intruder hisses.   D-Man is marvelously manifest- physically curled in on himself, gimlet-eyed, spacey, with a growl and snake-like sss in his voice. Transitions between the two are seamless. “You back cause you know I’m about to do my show,” the hero says accusingly to D-Man. In order to be left alone, he makes a deal to include the character in his story. We … Continue reading I Just Want To Tell Somebody – Noteworthy Theater