Not My Baby Shines a Light on Adoption

In a perfect world, Jason A. Ellis, the founder and current Executive Director of Momentum Collective, Inc., would take the production of Not My Baby to other countries. “If I had money, I [would] take it overseas,” said Ellis. For now, however, he is putting his energy towards promoting the show in Alexandria. The show opened on March 17 and continues this weekend at the Richard Kauffman Auditorium. Utilizing Hip Hop and R&B, this original musical set in the D.C. metro area, deals with social issues, including adoption. “I want to shine a light on topics that aren’t talked about and encourage discourse,” said Ellis. “I’m from Jamaica and I like to bring in references to my country – for example, I referred to ‘20 Jacky Pad’ in the show. This was my address in Kingstown.” The multi-talented Ellis not only performs in the musical, he wrote the musical’s book as well as 10 original songs. The storyline and the music takes the audience through a whirlwind of emotions. Even limited by using temporary space and an imperfect sound system, Not My Baby soars, with strong voices and a team of very talented dancers. Tamieka Jones (Wednesday), Nyeta Videl (June), … Continue reading Not My Baby Shines a Light on Adoption