Teen Wolf: The Streets of Beacon Hills Aren’t Safe During a Full Moon

Hunters vs. Werewolves. Werewolves vs. The Kanima. Then there’s ordinary and comical human teenager Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) as the abdominal Snowman. This is one of many storylines that wraps up the second season of MTV’s Teen Wolf. After another thrilling season, it’s bittersweet to be days away from season two’s finale. Each character has developed into a strong individual and for some, they’ve developed into various creatures. David Hinckley of the New York Daily News critiqued the series by writing, “Werewolves, pretty girls, dumb bullies and lacrosse. What more, really could you ask of high school?” And this is why!

Somewhere deep in the dark, damp hills and forests of Beacon County, California, there’s a fictional town of Beacon Hills. Other than the usual amazing stores, celebrities and landscape that California is known for, Beacon Hills has a different twist to what has been inherited over the years. The hunters have known for some time that the howls in the night aren’t the typical coyotes. In fact, the random “animal attacks” have increased the town’s body count; the hunters are on high alert. Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), a less than popular teen, is caught in the war between the hunters and werewolves while also being in love with the girl who reduces his urge to morph into a beast. Based on the 1985 Teen Wolf movie, MTV takes liberties with this remake, adding romance, comes,y and folklore. After a mysterious foe leaves Scott with the supernatural transition, it’s Scott’s best friend Stiles who provides some stability in the teen werewolf’s life.

This version of Teen Wolf does have differences from the 1985 film. Not everyone knows of Scott’s ability to change into a werewolf. For quite some time, only Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) who attempts to teach Scott a new way of living, Stiles, and Scott’s new girlfriend Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) know of Scott’s werewolf identity. The threats Scott faces increase when he learns his girlfriend’s family has a dark past—they are the vengeful hunters.

During season two, more folklore is brought into the main storyline. A creature by the name of Kanima now sets its eyes on killing specific people in town. Apparently the Kanima is controlled by a human and acts out the human’s desires of revenge. The one huge problem? Werewolves are not immune to its poison,  making it difficult for Derek, Scott, and other werewolves to save those they care about. Now I won’t disclose the identity of the Kanima or how it came to be, but once a sole hunter gains control of the creature, Beacon Hills may be worse off than just having a growing population of werewolves.

The season finale is quickly approaching. Many are eager to see who will live to the end of the episode. Good news for fans: MTV has officially renewed Teen Wolf for a third season ordering up twenty-four episodes. Many people may have already dismissed this series since it airs on MTV, but after great reviews and the 1.7 million fans on Facebook, it is certain that Teen Wolf is the show to watch. For those who want to catch up, season one of Teen Wolf can be found on Netflix and MTV is now showing all twelve episodes of season two.

Until then, we are left with many questions. Will werewolf Scott help solve the evolving town problems while having to face his girlfriend’s family of hunters? The biggest question fans have is: Will we have to wait until the summer of 2013 for season three to air just as the fans waited a whole year for season two? For now, lets enjoy the season finale on Monday at 10p.m. and hope our favorites live to see another full moon—well except for Stiles the abdominal snowman of course.