The Cloud – A Comedy of Errors for the Social Media Age

The Cloud, at HERE Arts Center, extremely relevant play for today’s times, tackles the downside of giving your significant other access to your social media world – your computer, passwords, cellphone – as well as  the thorny topic of “showing yours” to the world.

Chris and Katie are a typical young couple who have recently moved in together. As they are still discussing their boundaries, Chris is preparing for his job at a distant school campus, performing set design for their upcoming show. Katie is an app developer who believes that privacy is not as big an issue in the mind of the average person as conventional society would have you believe. Chris feels Kate’s ideas are a threat to privacy, even though her clientele seems receptive to her point of view.

Sandy, Chris’ future co-worker, is a client of Greg’s, a personal trainer who used to date Katie. Greg was engaged but confides in Sandy that he and his fiancee have broken up. Unbeknownst to Chris, Greg and Katie had a one time rekindling of their relationship while involved in their other relationships. Sandy and Chris also share a one night stand while she’s trying to give him guidance and information on his new job.


When these secrets come to life, the results are interesting. Katie poses as Chris while Chris poses as Katie, each to deal with the new threat to their relationship. Both are left puzzled and confused when talking to Sandy and Greg, respectively. Chris lives in fear of being fired or worse from his job while Greg ends up completely confused by “Katie’s” behavior.

For a preview screening, the work was very well polished and put together. The set design, how chats and text message conversations were carried out, was impressive. Credit should also go to Matt Moses, the writer and Wes Grantom, the director.

There are two possible lessons to be taken from The Cloud: first, not to give passwords and social media/cell phone access to a significant other; and not to have secrets to keep from a significant other in the first place. The concept of the app featured, “Show Me Yours”, is also interesting and I wonder if such an app would take off amidst the world of sexting and people’s careers and reputations being ruined over nude images found or placed online by vengeful exes.

Photos by Jenny Anderson

The Cloud
Starring Teddy Bergman, Ryan King, Polly Lee, and Mikaela Feely-Lehmann
HERE Arts Center
145 Sixth Avenue (enter on Dominick, one block south of Spring)
Through June 1, 2014
For more information, visit Slant Theatre Project

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