The Resistance Has Just Begun—Falling Skies

An unexpected invasion. Screaming. Devastation. Eventually, there’s unusual silence. In outer parts of big cities such as Boston, surviving people have gathered in a deserted school, attempting to overcome the loss of their family members and friends, but most of all, their world. Nothing will be as it was. The one thing left to encourage each individual with, is a resistance set to regain control over Earth from a variety of cleverly designed aliens.

If any of the “alien attacking Earth” films have caught your attention (Independence Day, War of the Worlds), TNT’s Sci-Fi series Falling Skies focuses on a different concept: How would the human race continue to exist if all control is lost?

Falling Skies explores this theme by introducing one of several scattered groups. ?In charge of The 2nd Mass are Captain Weaver (Will Patton) and Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) as second in command of the regime. The men are complete opposites. Captain Weaver bases his tactics on the ten years of experience he has serving the military. On the other hand, Tom Mason gathers his knowledge from being a history professor, to lead as any past commander would. The one thing they have in command is the loss of their wives during the start of the invasion. To make it much more difficult, one type of alien species the humans call Skitters, has captured young children and is using them to rebuild.

The large spider-like Skitters are the ringleaders, in charge of keeping all children from disobeying. It seems impossible to control dozens of adolescents until a slug looking contraption called harness is found attached to every captured child. These harnesses keep the children in complete communication with the aliens. Tom Mason must remain a safe distance away, watching over his son Ben (Connor Jessup) while he isn’t in control of his free will.

For several members of the 2nd Mass, learning what there is to know about the Skitters becomes priority one. Breaking the connection with child and Skitter can lead to a reunion for many broken families. The only way to study the Skitters is to capture one. Doctor Anne Glass (Moon Bloodgood), the only one with knowledge of anatomy, studies the captured skitter’s behavior. She eventually dissects the creature with the help of college pre-med student Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel). Both come to discover, that the harness is also a part of the Skitter body. So what could become of the children who already have developed alien behavior themselves? Time will only tell what symptoms of the harness could manifest themselves even after it’s removed from the backs of each child.

Falling Skies is more than people battling aliens. For the younger generation, it is about losing a part of their childhood so they may become well trained in combat. There’s unity among complete strangers since it takes every individual of the 2nd Mass the strength to remain grounded. Show creators Robert Rodat and Steven Spielberg do a fantastic job at showing the humanity within all, although they are surrounded by tragedy. As teenagers and adults alike prepare for combat, Tom Mason’s actions to better the lives of his family and those in the 2nd Mass could forever change the relationship between human and alien.

The two-hour Season 2 premiere of Falling Skies begins on June 17th at 8 p.m. on TNT. Season One episodes can now be seen on TNT. Check local listings for times.