Transatlantic Tales – Reaching Out

Playwrights were asked to write three minute scenes set on a ZOOM call between the United States and Ireland. Performed live and recorded June 2020. They are almost all really good- imaginative, well acted, relatable, entertaining.

Streaming Again Tuesday January 26 at 8 p.m.

The Rogue Om by Matthew Cole Kelly with Diana Gallagher and Kevin Collins. Fona and Karl miss one another. She wants to come home to New York. Her yoga class has been ZOOM Bombed. Whole characters. Deep affection.

Kevin Collins and Diana Gallagher

The Thin VeilA Pandemic in Five ZOOM Calls by James McLindon with Michael Rhodes, David Ryan, Erin Healani Chung. Each call is just a handful of sentences but deftly shows change and defines characters. The piece begins with Breno and Deco planning to meet for a football game in Barcelona and ends with stasis due to Trump. The third character is Breno’s activist daughter.

Screen by Rachel White with Hannah Megan Day and John Keating. American/ Irish Mom and (dad) are in Ireland, while their doctor son Adam is in the states. He says, “Kiss the cats for me,” and “Try to stay married…” He looks increasingly tired. Mom is understandably very concerned.

Kilkenny, Kentucky by Emily Bohannon with Helena White and Brandon Jones.  Helena says, “I’ve never done this before.” Brandon responds, “Me neither.” You think it’s a dating call, but they’re considering an exchange of houses, each with a romantic vision of the other’s turf. Motivation is youthful. It turns out, however, that what each is looking for might just be found elsewhere. Slow reveal.

Beginnings by Melisa Annis with Maureen O’Connell and Richard Topol. Extremely original. Michael was the sperm donor that birthed Aiofe. She’s tracked him down with open gratitude. He’s annoyed and anxious. There’s a reason.

Richard Topol and Maureen O’Connell

From a Distance by Krystal Sweedman with Orlagh Cassidy and Mark Tankersley. Ian thought Sal was taking care of their mother. She’s an A type, her days filled with court cases. He would’ve come over and is upset, but when Sal starts to cough, concern pivots. Ian makes a declaration any of us might make.

Zooming for Home by Seamus Scanlon with Kathleen Warner Yates and Amie Tedesco. A selfish, melodramatic actress mother with what seems early onset dementia and her actress daughter looking for connection. Tedesco emotionally turns on a dime.

If You Are Dissatisfied with Your Apocalypse  by Neil Sharpson with Kate Grimes and Pat Nugent. Mandy believes the apocalypse is coming and has sent all her money to Lord Xenon for a seat on the rescuing spaceship. He, the great leader, is low on motivation and charisma.

These last two playlets are weak links.

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