Joy Nevin’s Finding Joy in Later Life – A Holiday Gift to Someone Special on Your List

In December of 2015, Charlene Giannetti published my second book entitled Joy of Retirement: Live, Love and Learn. She was recommended to me by a mutual friend Denise Marcil. We clicked and had a great relationship. As a result, Charlene asked me if I would like to post an article on Woman Around Town. I was beyond delighted, and adored the opportunity to write about 75 articles over a five-year span for Living Around under the title of Octo Observations.

A year ago, it was time to decide whether to concentrate on editing this collection of articles (on a myriad of subjects) or to drop the ball. My husband’s health ( we are married for 65 years) was complicated by the devastating throes of Alzheimer’s Disease. My life hit a snag. But because writing has become my therapy, I decided to forge ahead in my free time and create a book. My third book, Finding Joy in Later Life, was published on December 8 and is now available for purchase on Amazon. I I love this book, and my gratitude to Charlene for giving me a public platform. A giant hug to my team who helped make the book a reality. You all are exceptional….in so many ways.

What is the pervasive theme of this book? When one is an Octogenarian and a lady who has learned, lived and loved and most of all grown, there is much to share. My hope and prayer for this new book is that it will lighten the load of many elderly people, their children and help all accept the reality of aging. At the same time, I fervently believe that life is a gift, no matter what happens to us. We all have our challenges, but we can choose how we want to accept them. We can look at the “cup half full” or we can view our plights as pitfalls. I choose to count our blessings, to enjoy every good minute, and to love our family and friends with all my heart. 

One last fact: After my unexpected but decidedly scary heart attack this summer, I realized that mortality is not a possibility but it is, clearly, a reality. And I know that God is good, if we are spared, and He gives each of us a chance to leave a lasting impact on this planet, even in a most microscopic way. I know I can’t waste time.

So during this holiday season – and beyond – reach out, share your love, your values, your JOY, and do all you can to impact happily the lives of all those with whom you come in contact. For it is not what we receive in this life, it is what we give that counts the most.

One of my dearest friends on the planet sent me this quote, and it has become my mantra:

Live is short and we don’t have much time to 
Gladden the hearts of those who walk the
Earthly pilgrimage with us. So be swift to love
and make haste to do kindness.”

Consider a wee gift of love to your senior citizens this Christmas/Holiday season and order a copy or two of Finding Joy in Later Life………you may indeed tuck a smile inside their stockings! 

Top photo: Joy Nevin, center, with her granddaughters, Emmy Joy Nevin, left, and Livvie Nevin, right.
Photo courtesy Joy Nevin

About Joy Nevin (77 Articles)
Joy Nevin was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated from Hathaway Brown School in Shaker Heights, attended Connecticut College for Women for two years until she married John Nevin in 1957. Four children later, with twelve corporate moves in 20 years, the family learned flexibility. In 1990, with a nearly empty nest, Joy and John moved to Richmond, Virginia where they put down roots. Now in her eighties, Joy is the author of “Get Moving: A Joyful Search to Meet and Embrace Life Transitions” (2002) and “Joy of Retirement: Live, Love and Learn” (2015). Since 2016 she has written numerous articles for Woman Around Town on downsizing, moving to a retirement facility and her current series, Octo Observations. She is also a proud Grammy of nine, great grandmother of two…..AND forever grateful to Charlene Giannetti for supporting her passion for writing!