Motorcycle Passion by Michael Kockritz

“Passion! We meet it on the motorcycles, on a ride that’s as much about obsession as amusement…The motorcycle has always intensified our ability to live in the moment. Where else, apart from on a motorcycle, can you feel relaxed about traveling faster and looking cooler? This unique sense of freedom brings bikers together…Motorcycles are the essence of transport at its technical and minimal best, powered by functional design that can seduce…”

If you have a son/nephew/boyfriend/husband/father who’s bewitched by bikes, this smart looking coffee-table volume, Motorcycle Passion, will earn more points than a video game marathon or home cooked dinner. Written in German and English, the eclectic celebration is likely to garner bragging rights, induce fantasies, and stimulate bike detailing.

“We can’t all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.” Will Rodgers


The chapter, “Bikes and Heroes” is about passion and desire, trends, safety, creature comforts, racing, rivalry and getting back on after taking a fall. Every beautiful photo of a bike has a description, tech specs and history. Every “hero” is cited briefly with accomplishments and yes, injuries which didn’t keep him down. International races, trips, and stunts are featured. This chapter is about testosterone, aesthetics, mechanics, and spirit.

“There’s no such thing as a slow bike, only slow riders.” Valentino Rossi

Motorcycle“Rides and Meets” specifies although all you need is a road, it can’t be just any road. And that though solitary rides are exhilarating, meets and rallies offer a sense of fraternity unavailable in other walks of his life. There are several routes with high spots along them from the USA to Iceland, meets like “The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride,” “Wheels and Waves,” and “The Ace Café Reunion.” Pack a passport. Full color photos give a sense of each. There’s even a Motorcycle Film Festival- in New York City!

“I’m not sure what cc is. But I can tell you, it’s a proper bike and it’s powerful.”  Angelina Jolie when questioned about Brad Pitt’s birthday gift to her of the MV Augusta F4CC.

“Custom Bikes and Shops” notes the immense need for self expression among bikers. Customizers are usually willing to chew the fat as are other patrons, so these become hang-outs when sufficiently local. (Let him go alone, it’s another language.) Examples from both the US and abroad are featured. Descriptions and photos of ‘finished’ bikes over which he’ll salivate can be found here.

This 10” x 12 7/8” 223 page book is the perfect graduation, birthday, Father’s Day gift. Definitely skewed towards men, it could, of course, find home with a like minded woman. To purchase, click on the cover or on the title below.

Motorcycle Passion
Michael Kockritz

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