Poet’s Corner – ‘A’ Is for Alzheimer’s

(Adrift, your heart, it floats away from me:
Alone in thoughts; alone in time;
Alone in memory.
Our po’try unfamiliar
As I look to eyes I’ve known;
To lose themselves in other worlds,
And a time you’ve now outgrown)

As if I am a stranger
You blow right through my soul;
Taking back the piece you gave to me;
That piece, which made me whole.
You call me by another name,
Crying, you think I’m dead;
Looking for my body
Repeating all we’ve said.

Our twenty years still with you:
I’m just a missing part.
And our tears they burn like angry seas;
Seas yet we have to chart.
Your friends who come and visit;
Yet, nowhere to be seen?
We’re lost while holding tightly:
I’m just an image on your screen.

I ask you, what you’re looking for?
You haven’t any words;
But a stutter and frustration,
Syntax flies away like birds.
And though I cannot find
Those items which you seek;
Find me, my dearest sweetheart,
I’m more than a mystique.

I am standing right in front of you,
Ready for the fight.
It matters not the words we share;
It matters not who’s right:
What matters is I love you,
In any form you need to see;
Just know my heart is in there,
And in love, we’re both set free.

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About Robin Clark (59 Articles)
Robin, born in Talent Oregon, now resides in Bellevue, a community outside of Seattle Washington. She is a published poet, OP-ED writer and Children's story author. She is currently in partnership with a composer who has asked her to write the book for his next musical. She is also being courted by assorted Directors to write a stage play and her dream is to leave a legacy in words, where you come to realize anything is possible.