Poet’s Corner – A Sea Of Blossoms

The tailored garden is a vast canvas
A painter’s dream
An impressionistic dance of nature’s palette.
Uneven shapes fall to the floor
spilling colors rich and thickly painted
forming cascading floral brushworks
of ochres, alizarins and creams with magenta centers
As all compose in graceful transitions.
Between the path
A rhythmic procession of leaves curved, tilted and full in diagonals and stripes and dots
Gather in bouquets in a multitude of sizes and shapes edged in turquoise
Our senses heightened in a sea of blossoms.

Top artwork, “A Sea Of Blossoms,” by Marsha Solomon

About Marsha Solomon (21 Articles)
Marsha Solomon is a New York artist whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and museums. Her poetry has been published in both American and international art and literary journals, and recently a monographic book on her work, "From Rhythm to Form" was published by Cross-Cultural Communications.